The Damndest Thing
The Damndest Thing by Tom Fritzon
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brimmie unregistered
#6   24 May 2000
This map is sweet, I think gameplay rules, very fast paced which does not allow for much domination, and the feel for it is sweet. I think that it has a great look. Very nice custom textures. I don't see what the hell is wrong with a gimmic, look at runfest, that is a gimic, hell isnt a fucking bounce pad a gimmic, gimmics can make good maps great. I think that this map is being overlooked just a little and will continue to post 10s because it is in heavy rotation on my server.
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Octovus unregistered
#5   20 Mar 2000
Well Tig's gone and done it now....honestly who gave him that gallon bottle of beer before he wrote this review? It was definitely enough with 3, four turned into a fragfest, I will admit weapon placement was good but on a level that kinda sucks it doesn't really matter. It was a cool idea though, regardless of what these people say, but I think (kill me) that this might work better as a box map with bounce pads and such or as a larger space map, it was just too small you could take one look and say "Yeah I've seen this kinda thing before, move on..." Definitely there where things outside the square, 'spose that was kinda a plus. However it still didn't really do anything for me whatsoever. Anywho just my thoughts. =)

Happy Fraggin! Octovus

(Oh yeah, 3.5 outa 10 rounded down to a 3, no hard feelings though if you keep at it I bet you could release something great because you are obviously very creative regardless of what OozE et all say) For that matter no offense to OoZe and others either. <G> Seems I think I've written an "offensive" comment. Hehehe. =0

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CasbahBoy unregistered
#4   15 Mar 2000
Yeah, I remeber that map, back in the day - it was great to look around, but horrid deathmatching.
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Rokscott unregistered
#3   15 Mar 2000
An O.K. map for a little while.

Reminds me of Brenda's "Board level" Q2 map.

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Jim unregistered
#2   14 Mar 2000
Where's the Voodoo 5 card? or the GHz Pentium III? or the hard drive for that matter?
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0ozE unregistered
#1   14 Mar 2000
Dammit, I hate gimmicky maps like this. 'you're inside of a computer...blah' I thought Q3 was supposed to be 'otherworldly'...being surrounded by huge versions of everyday things just makes me think of that rotten film honey I shrunk the kids.

Sorry, but this sort of thing really doesn't ring my bell.

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