Heavy Metal Machine (2)
Heavy Metal Machine (2) by Lukin
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Takkie Rep. 1798
#9   16 Dec 2020
I had fun with this map in q4. I played this one now in vq3 with some bots and there are some nice spots with vertical action but some other that were a bit below my expectations (Which were pretty high cause it a lukin map). I missed just some aggressive gameplay. I guess the difference between cpma and vq3 is just a bit to big on this map.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2372
#8   09 Aug 2012
Chilly level. Made me picture some action Jedi Knight game...
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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#7   18 Jan 2012
Lol a classic map :). 9/10.
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Madan unregistered
#6   21 Aug 2005
I didn't think the map was particularly fun or creative. Don't get me wrong, there's some nice brushwork and some neat ideas here and there.

I just don't see what the huge hoopla is all about. 6.75-7.5.

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StormShadow unregistered
#5   06 Sep 2004
Awsome map... all of lukin's levels kick ass :)
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AngelShadow18 unregistered
#4   03 Sep 2004
This was a fun map.Great job lukin ;)


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Tig unregistered
#3   03 Sep 2004
Name changed, however I can only go on what is in the readme :]
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Lukin unregistered
#2   03 Sep 2004
Thanks for nice review, but it would be better to write "by Lukin" than "by my real name". I just noticed I had ommitted this info in readme :)
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NecrosiS unregistered
#1   03 Sep 2004
Heavy Metal Machine by Lukin ;D

great map ! :P

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