Oberon2-Uranus Lunar Base 2
Oberon2-Uranus Lunar Base 2 by Shub-Niggurath
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 5438
#3   12 Sep 2019
some really great ideas here: the switch activated doors, the location of the RA, the railgun, the quad. Unfortunately the spread of weapons, and even health, makes it unplayable as it stands. But even on a server with different item balances it wouldn't really get picked up for rotation because of the missing textures which is a real shame because there is a lot of potential here.
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Hooyaah Rep. 559
#2   13 Feb 2010
OK, The Uranus and attached Klingon jokes are a bit tired.

It is true that the missing textures make the map less than what we would like. Heaven only knows why someone would release a map so close to perfectly awesome as this with such a relatively minor flaw. Never mind the weapon placement, etc.; go figure. I only know that it can still be a fun frag fest if you like a lot of room to run around in. It has a relative believability about it until the missing paint is noticed. I spruced my copy up with the image of Uranus in the evening sky and added some NASA logos here and there as well as some bloody hand prints on a some doors. I wish that the bots had a place to camp also. Alas, we must take the elements that we like and weight them against what troubles us. Over all I'd give this one good marks for the design, size, and the ambiance. It loses out on game play and the irritating and aforementioned missing textures.

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mystery8 unregistered
#1   17 Jun 2004
Its a VERY nice map, but as the reviewer stated, the missing textures take a lot away.
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