And Also With You
And Also With You by shadowland2000
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Sly Fox Rep. 43
#6   24 Jun 2014
Very fun map! Ya it's big, but nothing that having alot of players can't fix (bot controlled players can help with that, say bot_minplayers 16.) One problem with the bots though is that they get stuck on those slightly sunken grates in the dark basement. Those slightly sunken grates are an anomaly; I suppose the low ceiling prevents you from automatically stepping out of them, however, you can jump out of them even though you hit your head in the process. I think the bot logic is trying to have the bots just step out, but the engine for some reason doesn't allow stepping out with a low ceiling.

It's fun running over the pews, which can easily be done from back to forth.
Edited 8 hours after the original posting.

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Acro unregistered
#5   09 May 2008
This is a nice map.
Very big, easy to get lost.
Frustrating, but enjoyable.
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saintofme unregistered
#4   27 Jun 2004
strange map,felt "born again" fraggin at a church. 5/10
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Yoda unregistered
#3   19 Jun 2004
Entertaining it is. Absolutely amazing it is not.
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Legrand [LN] unregistered
#2   17 Jun 2004
You're welcome. I thought the map looked good, but there are just so many niches you can get into that it makes the map huge. Tough to play with humans as Q3 is not so popular anymore and you need 16+ for a decent load.

Still, it is a nice map...

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shadowland2000 unregistered
#1   16 Jun 2004
Thanks to Legrand for the nicely balanced and fair review. I'm just glad this map got to see the light of day.
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