Saint Tourney 1
by Kaz
Saint Tourney 1 by Kaz
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raspatan Rep. 4451
#9   04 Oct 2020
6/5!!! The gameplay is so immersive! What a map! No wonder it has been featured. Another to the permanent collection!
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Ahmad4MayLod Rep. 10
#8   23 Aug 2018
Awesome map :)
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Anonymous unregistered
#7   05 Jan 2017
I played it in different modifications and variations and its a lot of fun.
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FragTastic Rep. 2269
#6   16 Jul 2012
I love green maps and this one is probably one of the best Tourney maps I have ever played in. It has excellent Gameplay, structure of the map, textures are very finely brushed, bot play is good damm good and environment is ecstatic. 9/10
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AEon Rep. 760
#5   20 Aug 2009
Amazing tourney map. Even though I do not really like "green" maps, or playing 1on1, this map really shines. The two level (upper vs. lower) gameplay, puts jumppads to very good tactical use, and the bot Anarki (vQ3, on Hardcore) plays the map really well. Very fun map, that looks great and plays well, for hours of suspenseful 1on1.
Edited: 21 Aug 2009 AEST
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Quebus unregistered
#4   09 Jul 2004
I'm enjoying this quite a bit for 1v1 actually. Did the author intend for people to be able to get on top of the top platforms? >:)
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joe unregistered
#3   17 Jun 2004
I like this one.
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phil unregistered
#2   11 May 2004
not great for a "real tourney" game, but this map is a blast in instagib ;)
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nitin unregistered
#1   21 Apr 2004
layout's pretty decent, the looks could be a bit more distinguishing. At the moment, looks like just another DM arena.
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