Through with you
Through with you by NemiX
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raspatan Rep. 4502
#13   12 Sep 2020
What a map! Merciless fragging!
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cityy Rep. 375
#12   25 Aug 2009
Ppl find links on google and vote down for fun - sad but that's "internet life"
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fKd unregistered
#11   25 Aug 2009
and a 1 for this? is someone out there trying to drag the scores down or something?
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6308
#10   20 Aug 2008
this map looks like the mini-me to munyul verminards forgotten.
Edited: 26 Jul 2010 AEST
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ALMighty unregistered
#9   29 Apr 2004
lol tig

Nice map Nemix! :)

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Tig unregistered
#8   29 Apr 2004
"The file you tried to download could not be found." Error is a FilePlanet 'feature'. Sometimes you have to load the page (well, make the request for the level) twice. Its a nice feature that has been around for a long time. Another nice FP feature is the one that drops the first 2 letters on a download.
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NemiX unregistered
#7   28 Apr 2004
You can download this map here:
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Trippa unregistered
#6   27 Apr 2004
"The file you tried to download could not be found."

wassup with these slack mapper d00dz that don't have their own web sites? Youre making me deal with pressure from FilePlanet!

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Tig unregistered
#5   25 Apr 2004
Thats the problem with making a login and password public, people can change it :]

The 'lvl' login and pass has been fixed up.

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nitin unregistered
#4   22 Apr 2004
anyone else having trouble looging into FP? I cant use the lvl login at all for any FP download.
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NecrosiS unregistered
#3   17 Apr 2004
I must agree with you dAde. Map is fu good :]

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NemiX unregistered
#2   17 Apr 2004
Well.. yes :D

The "Third encounter" was finished later and my first map was never finished...

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dAde unregistered
#1   17 Apr 2004
GFJ NemiX :). Looks nice, good texturing. Also great gameplay. Overall very good map.

Btw - this is your 1st (final) map, right?

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