Through with you
Through with you by NemiX

A compact Tourney map consisting of passageways winding around a central shaft. Sock's tech textures have been used well here, and together with the lighting give a warm orange ambiance to the map. Bots play competently but seem a bit more predictable than usual, perhaps due to the small size of the arena. The map has plenty of height variation making for some interesting fighting.

Minor niggles would be some low archways that hampered my cornering in a couple of places. It might have been nice to see a more industrially themed teleporter than the standard id model.

It feels like it wouldn't hurt to have added a couple more areas, but this is still a beautiful, tidy little map. Recommended!

Note: The zip file contains directory information, so be sure to extract the pk3 without restoring folders.

Review by Shallow

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (14 votes)

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