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Iron Raiden
Iron Raiden by ChucK
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Kyall Rep. 242
#4   11 Mar 2012
This map was pretty good. I liked the fog, and the skybox made it seem very mystical. In my opinion, it would make a better CTF map, than a DM map, or possibly a good Freeze Tag map. Textures were pretty awesome, and bots played excellently. 9/10.
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FragTastic Rep. 1444
#3   06 Jan 2012
Amazing map!
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MEet-CEes unregistered
#2   19 Jul 2010
How do you play this map?
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SW123 unregistered
#1   26 Jun 2010
Kinda ugly looking from screenshot. Couldn't get it to work. Not like it looks worth playing however.
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