sedona by redfella
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Ahmad4MayLod Rep. 10
#10   23 Aug 2018
Awesome map :)
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JADscratch Rep. 487
#9   04 Jan 2014
Very bold reds, greys, silvers, and whites; awesome map construction (I felt a tiny sprinkle of DeFrag while roaming around); item placement is spot-on; I can go on and on with this map! I love the effort and the attention to detail that was put into this map. Two thumbs up for me, and you all should do the same by getting this map!

Cityy: ... I don't get it... :I
Edited 1.47 minutes after the original posting.

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PaN61 Rep. 385
#8   11 Apr 2010
Rorshach's textures are used nicely and give the map an industrial theme. The lighting and item placement is really good as well as the layout and design of the map. In my opinion, the Megahealth is placed in a really good spot and I don't mind having the Regeneration in an extra room in the map. Not having enough health in the map makes you be more aware and distinct in the map plus, you will have to be more accurate if your playing against Hardcore or Nightmare bots.

A really good map redfalla, 9/10.


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Cityy unregistered
#7   02 Feb 2009
I love your work!!! It's fast & funny with only 4 players! waiting for a comeback
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Black Dog unregistered
#6   21 Apr 2004

Oh yeah, I didn't mean to suggest anything with that "Sedona Method" comment. I was just curious about what the name meant, Googled it and thought it might have some meaning given the oppressive industrial vibe of the map.

Guess not. Oops. :/ Looking forward to the next one though.

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redfella unregistered
#5   20 Apr 2004
Nah, it's no prob dude. I need the crit to get better anyways. -My next map is already shaping up to be better than sedona. :)
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Black Dog unregistered
#4   20 Apr 2004
I did the review.

I don't think it would have been honest if I didn't point out what I felt was wrong with the map as well as the good stuff. I liked your map, just not everything about it; if that didn't come across in the review, then I wrote it badly.

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redfella unregistered
#3   19 Apr 2004
Thanks Kaziganthe, at least somebody does. :x :)
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Kaziganthe unregistered
#2   17 Apr 2004
Mmmm Industrial.... Love the map redfella :)
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redfella unregistered
#1   17 Apr 2004
Thanks for the review (whoever did it).

Personally, I thought the map was a little bit better than the reviewer suggested, but that's just me.

And, no, I did not get the name from a treatment plan... I was the name of a band I heard on the radio one day and I thought it was a cool name.... heh.

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