sedona by redfella

Redfella's Sedona is a large, three tiered FFA level clothed in Rorsarch's Vendetta textures. Featuring distinctive angular wall architecture, the spaces making up the level are generally blocky and linear, often opening up lines of sight which are excessively powerful in a map which includes the RG. This weakness is offset somewhat by interesting vertical relationships between the three tiers.

Item placement is functional, but flawed. There is nowhere near enough health; the MH is badly placed and invites camping; the regen is placed in an otherwise useless room and should have been somewhere more interesting. Weapons and ammo are sparse but more suitably located.

Movement about the level is smooth, but slightly hampered by a lack of connections between tiers. Useful moves such as dropping to the RL or RA areas from above are made difficult for no apparent reason. On the plus side, useful rocket and strafe jumps abound.

Given all this gameplay can be quite good. Bots do not bring out the strategic possibilities of the map and tend to charge down straight corridors into your rockets a little too willingly. Much more interesting and strategic gameplay is possible with humans, where the strong vertical element of the map comes into effect.

Bot play is serviceable if sometimes predictable and a bit slow. Performance may be an issue for those with old machines. Item load is SG-RL-GL-RG, MH-RA, regen.

A distinctive looking map with strategic potential. Worth a look.

NB: The Sedona Method is an approach to treating clinical depression. Go figure.

- Reviewed by Black Dog

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (10 votes)

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