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- File Information --------------------------------------------------------- 2.28.2004 --- Title : redq3dm4 - sedona Author : redfella Email Address : **email removed** Web Sites : www.devmaplab.com www.levelsource.com Previous Releases : redq3dm1 - pacemaker redq3dm2 - squared redq3dm3 - h4x&li3s Installation : Place redq3dm4.pk3 in your baseq3 directory. The map should now be accessible via the Multiplayer menu or by typing "/map redq3dm4" at the console (no quotes). Acknowledgements : rgoer, charon, ydnar and rorshach... and those who have supported levelsource.com To Jesus Christ for providing the opportunity to do all this cool stuff. ;) Beta Testers : rgoer, Anwulf, boot louie, inition, skinNCNmaster, natestah2003, poub, & Godmil - Play Information ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Player Base : Free-For-All Default Bots : Doom, Phobos, Wrack Number of Players : 2-4 Item Load : SG, RL, GL, RG, MH, REGEN, Red Armor - Construction --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Base : New level from scratch Theme : Mining Facility Textures Set : Rorshachs' Vendetta Construction Time : 6 weeks Prefabs Used : None Editor(s) used : GtkRadiant 1.2.11 Notes : This map has been caulk-hulled for optimized performance. - Compilation ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q3Map VIS Time : 10 Seconds Q3Map LIGHT Time : 5 Mins Lighting Params : -light -fast -v -bounce 6 -samples 3 -filter Compile Computer : P4 2500mhz w/ HT, 1024 RAM, WinXP - Copyright / Permissions ---------------------------------------------------------------- Authors May Not decompile the BSP as a base to build additional levels.. but may do so to learn construction methods and technique, etc. Authors may use the included custom textures & shaders, or modifications thereof, provided they give note of such in an attached readme. Also be sure to use directories and filenames different than those in redq3dm4.pk3, or else you run the risk of having both maps excluded from pure servers.
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