Dotyk mierci
Dotyk mierci by ShadoW
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WAR Rep. 136
#10   21 Apr 2014
Great map for fast kill. :)(bardzo dobra 1v1)
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FragTastic Rep. 2297
#9   05 Feb 2012
I agree with the Review!. ShadoW, Your maps are amazing but on some maps you just go a little to far. You sometimes add to much ammo or you need some texture fixing. Don't think i'm trying to criticize your maps but i'm just saying that you just overdone it on this map.
Edited: 08 Mar 2012 AEST
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Mark unregistered
#8   04 Jul 2008
I have to agree with this review. I can't believe i am saying this but for what it is i thought this map was too small and not good for anything other than 1 vs 1. the ra is set between the 2 ya so the outcome of the game will likely be determined by the first spawn. The GL is my personal favourite and requires skill to win without spamming so it is a delight to have it set above the rg (set at the lowest point) which will be your next mission - to keep your opponent from reaching. The map is quick and easy to get around on so whoever gets the upper hand will have no problems guarding those 2 points (RA/RG). The map is beautifully spaced and players can expect to bunnyhop the tourney out. There's a nice strafe to ya out of 1 teleporter but i would have liked to have seen the 2nd teleporter allow players to do the same. instead you just bump your head as already pointed out
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v1l3 Rep. 1535
#7   12 Jun 2006
I know who you are..Just sayin..You gotta play both of em. Just with the map for example...In the RG room, higher up the wall there are little foot pieces sticking out which you can double-jump on making the connectivity of that room to the above wallway.

I personally have been playing Vanilla(Virgin) Q3 for way longer than promode. Gotta play both. Missing out otherwise. Too many people that agree with me. It's not a different game, it's a Mod.

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LGD*Foralarx unregistered
#6   10 Jun 2006

You probably don't know me which is fine, but I do know of you and I have come to respect most of your review comments. For my part, I have CPM, OSP, RA3, Threewave, Defrag, UIE, Voosh, etc installed. I also have Q2 and Q4 still installed and have played other FPS's along the way. I have belonged to several clans and have played in the Jolt Div 1 Europe RA3 league and in OSP TDM league on most of the CPM maps geared towards TDM, cmp4 - Realm of Steal Rats (Again an awesome map that plays just as well in VQ3 mode), etc. I've even done several reviews here (Aug, 2001 - and beta-tested many maps over the years. In short I'm pretty much an old hand.

What I wanted to get across was I understand it's a CPM map. I understand the difference in game physics between the two. My comment about it being labelled "specifically for CPM" was in reply to tig's comment (be it 3 years on) on the lack of downloads and comments and wasn't meant to offend any CPM player.

For example a VQ3 player might read the re-review and see the "specifically for CPM" comment (the opening line) and just completely bypass the map because they don't understand just how well it plays in VQ3, as in fact, do a lot of CPM maps. The same does occassionally apply to some maps that weren't designed with CPM in mind, though granted not as much.

In my opinion, and here I am sorry, I'm not going to sit on the fence VQ3er's, cpm players are usually the more advanced players. They usually understand the gameplay, flow, control, etc of a game and usually have a very good knowledge of the inner depths of the game, system settings, how to fix things, etc, because of the normal, greater exposure to the game they have had.

All this aside my comments above still stands..... in my opinion this map still kicks arse in VQ3 mode and should therefore not be ignored as just "yet another CPM" map. It deserves to be recognised as a map which is able to cross the bridge between the two modes without leaving either preferenced type of player feeling they were lacking in any way.

Somewhat of a long winded reply, sorry bout that.


PS:- I was actually going to PM you on the Q3W forums and ask if you'd submit a review on desp-dm2 in the map queue. I have no connection to the mapper in anyway, but it's a good map and I felt someone with a better grasp of CPM who be more suited to reviewing it.

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v1l3 Rep. 1535
#5   10 Jun 2006
That's why it's marked as a cpm map. It was made for it. The reason that there was a cpm section added on here, is because so many mappers were making so many of them. Why not send them here, as it is the best site in the world for maps. VQ3 Maps work great in Promode (CPM), while VQ3 Maps are un-usable in Promode, because of lack of physics.

Try out promode. It's in OSP and CPMA. => It'll add on a bunch of maps and change your view on VQ3 maps also. Everyone starts out as a vq3 player. It gets boring. My view though. The double jumps in this map kick a$$ also.

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LGD*Foralarx unregistered
#4   09 Jun 2006
OMG!! This map is wicked quick ... I feel almost ashamed to have not come across this before tonight.... It's almost a shame this map has a "specifically for CPM" label cause I have a much bigger preference for VQ3 1-on-1 and given just how well you can move in this map it's almost a crying shame for it to be so overlooked by the VQ3 crowd. Granted there are obvious CPM enhanced routes here but they simply do not detract from the VQ3 gameplay in any way that I could see with the exception of the one escape route by the RG as mentioned in the review. (& a simple RJ soon solved that).
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Madan unregistered
#3   28 Feb 2004
Gorgeous map. Good gameplay. Unique look. Tastes like...Atlantis.


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khaard unregistered
#2   16 Nov 2003
Dotyk Smierci = Touch of Death :)
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Tig unregistered
#1   07 Nov 2003
I'm surprised by the lack of comments and low download count for this level. I think it has great game play, its fast and can be action packed. It does get a little repeative (but don't all maps).
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