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Kom-Pak-Tek by RasputiN
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RasputiN unregistered
#6   22 Nov 2016
Oh golly, this takes me back... but yes, I have always tried to keep a consistent tone, to evoke a sense of place in time with my maps. I'm entirely happy if it's "too Doomish" - that was kind of the point. (Hence the blue key, BTW)
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FragTastic Rep. 1420
#5   10 Feb 2012
I have noticed your maps are very simple and you use the same texture for one particular map you make. I actually think this map is good but next time try to experiment with more textures. I feel like this map is created from a Doom game.
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Tig Rep. 894
#4   24 Sep 2008
@Michael: Neither. This is a Quake 3 site.
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Michael unregistered
#3   24 Sep 2008
Is created it be doom or doom 2 ?
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RasputiN unregistered
#2   01 Mar 2004
In retrospect, I tend to agree... ;)
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Madan unregistered
#1   28 Feb 2004
The commentor is wrong. This map is just another tech map. Except it's not as pretty or well put together as its predecessors.


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