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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#7   12 Mar 2012
@Tig: I agree. Only comment on the maps if you want to say your opinions about the map or report any problems. Other than that don't comment on the map saying stuff which is pointless.
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Tig Rep. 1712
#6   12 Mar 2012
@nick13: Lose the CAPS lock or your comments will be removed. I've already removed some of your more pointless comments that did not say anything at all.
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nick13 Rep. 32
#5   12 Mar 2012
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GuitarMan Rep. 468
#4   02 Oct 2011
I'm not trashing what you just posted Mark, but I'll leave this question here, it's open for discussion:

The review says,

The map has been optimised for use with the cpma mod rather than applying it to vq3

so I'm asking, a map that has been built or optimized for a mod that has got different physics than the standard Q3 and is not widely played by Q3 players, should get its spot as a featured map?
If my opinion is allowed here (lately, everyone seems to think exactly the opposite of what I think), I'd say "no".
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6416
#3   30 Sep 2011
ps - tig - please make this one of your featured map releases - cpma gem! thankyou - since coming across it it has NEVER left my baseq3 - NEVER!
Edited: 30 Sep 2011 AEST
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Mark unregistered
#2   30 Jun 2008
This is 1 beautifully crafted cpma map and deserves to be included as an official map in the cpma pack. Teleporters are really well utilised and will allow a player to make the megahealth to 2nd level jump with ease. There is a mammoth strafe jump to be mastered and 4 means by which to attain the red armour: upstairs and u-turn jumping from trim, airchange from top of stairs, teleporter and most gorgeous of all a tower doublejump from just under the rim of where the red armour is situated. very well paced for 2 players (you will not be left looking for a showdown and 3 players also works well). Bots play well - you will be in for a challenge on nightmare. I cannot sing its praises enough.
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Bull unregistered
#1   12 Nov 2003
good one, only jump pads make you hit the ceiling
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