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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2304
#22   30 Jun 2012
I have always tried this in Super Heroes Arena 3, when I should have been playing Pain Keep!

Excellent! 8/10

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Anton unregistered
#21   09 Apr 2004
both maps are ready for playing in just released Painkeep arena 3.0 final, btw

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Anton unregistered
#20   02 Apr 2004
The map should be played in Painkeep arena only.

If you played it in PKA and still found it ugly - sorry. Some people like it, some don't.

It's just a map :)

You can check 2 more PKA maps by me (in map queue for now).
"gas-st_pka" - for fun, "ancient_pka" - for architecture and looks...

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Anton unregistered
#19   02 Apr 2004
На вкус и цвет - фломастеры разные :)
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Madan unregistered
#18   28 Feb 2004
What an ugly and clumsy little map.

Not only is the gameplay pretty weak but the architecture and looks are just...painful.


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Constantin to Anton unregistered
#17   29 Oct 2003
(This site does not display the cyrillic alphabet very well.)

No, I am not being facetious. Stop wasting your time and talent for free. As you can see, you are the only one intelligent and talented in this idiotic and immature chat thread of goofy gamers. You can use this site as a reference in your portfolio. Start networking and get yourself hired. As you can see, there are lots of geeks with lots of time to waste and nothing to do but play games on their computers. So, why not get paid and take their money? You'll see, when Doom III comes out (soon), all these morons will run out, buy it like there's no tomorrow and Quake III will die and quick and painful death. So, you have a choice: stay on this site with your geeky little boy friends and give your talent away for free, or, give your talent to gaming companies and make some money.

Good luck Anton. (It was fun getting all you little boys fired-up. As easy as taking candy from a child! You little boys are just too easy!)


Darlene (Oh no! It's a girl! Men!)

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Constantin to Anton unregistered
#16   29 Oct 2003
почему я пошутил бы о этом? Получите работу в индустрии и получите, что paid сделать вы любите. Остановите расточительствовать ваши время и талантливость для свободно. Вы можете использовать это место в вашем портфолие.

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Bull_God unregistered
#15   28 Oct 2003
from Constantin: "Quake III is old and on the way out..."

dude, on it's way out?! it's four years old!!! it shows no signs of being 'on the way' out among the many regulars i play with nor by the constant flow of amazing maps that we see here on a weekly basis.

you sir, have got to be one of the biggest dopes to ever pass through here.

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Anton unregistered
#14   28 Oct 2003
Are you jeering?

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Constantin to Anton unregistered
#13   27 Oct 2003
You've done better Anton. And I know you can do better. But thank-you for your input! At least you had the courtesy to state your reason without personal attacks on anyone. Finally! Someone mature and with a brain! Hey, he's Russian! Go! Russia! Go!

Anton I believe you have talent and you shouldn't be wasting your time mapping to "satisfy other people". Why don't you send your maps and curriculum vitae to gaming companies if you feel you have the talent and knowledge? Why not get paid instead?! Giving stuff away for free doesn't pay the rent, Anton.

I'm sure Flu, Felix, Bull_God and others will agree with me.

You have knowledge in 3D game mapping and software, don't you? Then, Anton, stop wasting your time here with the little boys. Time for you to head-up with the big-boys and make some cash for what you are worth! Compliments and critiques won't fill your bank account. Getting a job with the likes of Activision or

Valve will make you some real cash.

And in the real world, when you work for someone, it is not a critique you will get, it is either failure or success. What that means is: you either get fired or you get a big fat raise and a big fat cheque! Stop mapping for free, dude! If you're the best, than go get hired by the best. Everyone here thinks you are the best. I'm sure if they owned Id Software they would hire you. Have you thought of sending your maps and portfolio to ID Software? They do hire time to time.

I liked your other maps. I don't like this one. For others it's the best thing on Earth since sliced bread. Quake III is old and on the way out, in my opinion. But, you guys have fun and enjoy it. And besides, isn't there better things to do then to spend hours and hours playing Quake? (This is a rhetorical question to get you people to think. I am not looking for an answer. Talk among yourselves. Chat until you drop dead.)

I would hate to see Anton waste away his talent ad-nauseum here. Anton should be hired by the a gaming company!

What do you guys think? Don't you all agree?

(Oh, bloody hell, now we're going to have a thread from here to Alpha Centauri!)

Good luck Anton. Use your talent and make some money with it. You deserve it.

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Flu unregistered
#12   25 Oct 2003
Awsome map and mod, Anton always manages to be original and give us creative, out of the ordinary, fun maps.

BTW Feliz: Ask anyone in the pk community- EZ is gay :-))

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Felix unregistered
#11   25 Oct 2003
OMG! This map was cool, then I downloaded PainKeep arena... OMG!!!! Where has this mod been hiding. It's incredible. I thought I was good at DM, but joineed a PKA server and got my ass handed to me on a paper plate. THere's this dude named EZ and he's not a bot, but damn, he was all over me like stink on poop.. I'm hooked, not only on this stellar map, but PKA is now on my list of fav mods.
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SH unregistered
#10   25 Oct 2003
Any map played in Vanilla Q3 takes on new life when played in Painkeep Arena. I asked Anton for his source to his awesome map Skytown (reviewed here as well) and its a completely different game. Keep up the good work Anton!
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Anton unregistered
#9   24 Oct 2003
if you want "caustics, curves, etc..." - go & learn 3DMax. What are you doing at quake3 site?
Bored to play Q3? Don't play it!

Making levels - is an experiment to do something, that ID didn't, or gave us to continue their idea... This is all for fun, for satisfy other people who love this game, who love non-standart, non-typical stuff.

That's why we make maps, mods, etc...

So, if you want so say that you don't like all this AT ALL - better go and drink some beer.

Take it easy, man.

Btw - are you (Constantin (Kostik)) russian?
If so... I'm very distresed with you.

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Bull_God unregistered
#8   24 Oct 2003

gravity lab = 7.

constantin = jackass.

you need anything else from me, moron?

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Constantin vs. Bull unregistered
#7   23 Oct 2003
Oooo...Bull call me retarded...oooo! Excuse me while I get off the internet and cry endlessly in pain and agony. I thought we had something going on Bull-God! After last night, how can you treat me this way?!


Uh..Bull? Uh...isn't this, like a place to type your personal comments on the map and not the individual. Oh, I'm sorry! Bulls can't read and neither can an pseudoscientific ethereal being!

Now, dear sir, geek, literary neophyte, can you please post a review from your mono-cellular equipped cranium as so we can all read it in awe and bewilderment? Please, entertain us some more.

Like I said, Quake III was put forth by Id Software to amaze us with curves, mip-maps, z-buffering, caustics and all, and honestly Bullcrap, I don't see much of it in this map. So, open up the big map trash can in cyberspace and give this one the old heave-ho! 1, 2, 3! AARRRGH! KABLAM! (Hit trash compacting button)

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Bull_God unregistered
#6   23 Oct 2003
Constantin, has anyone here mentioned how annoying and retarded you are? if not, please, allow me to be the first.
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Constantin vs. Carmack unregistered
#5   22 Oct 2003 it me or did Quake II die a long time ago? If I want fast, fun, small and nice, I'll go buy a daschhund. Oh, please! Painkeep?! Now that's an oxymoron if I ever read one.

With all the time mappers have on their hands I expect bigger, better, faster, stronger designs. 3/10. And I'm being generous. At least we can console ourselves knowing mapper-wanna-be here isn't working for Id Software.

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Tig unregistered
#4   22 Oct 2003
Uploaded the new version which fixes the missing textures issues. If you have donwloaded this level before this post was made, I suggest you grab the map again.

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Anton unregistered
#3   22 Oct 2003
Oops.. Stupid me. Always forget about those trees..

And pool3d_5c is from mapmedia.pk3 ...didn't notice that :)

Uploaded updated version now, with those textures included.

Please get it from: and replace the link here if it's possible.


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Tig unregistered
#2   22 Oct 2003
Missing textures are; liquids/pool3d_5c.tga (from the shader 'liquids/clear_ripple3') and models/mapobjects/oak/oakstamm.tga

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Anton unregistered
#1   22 Oct 2003
Thanks for review, TeStY.

But "a few placement errors like the quad damage at the bottom of acid pit..." is not actually an errors :)

There is a env. powerup to reach quad and other goodies.

Also you can use a dragon (graple) to get other "hard" items.

As for bots - they really plays well exept a small corridor with MH and jumppad to low grav area. Bots completely stuck there often...

Tig - what textureas are mising?

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