Space by Wiggles
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Colton Rep. 359
#12   22 Mar 2016
The bots prefer the quad a lot in this map.
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dero unregistered
#11   26 Oct 2003
quite a fun map to play multiplayer. Middle bit is a killer
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Lt_Core unregistered
#10   24 Oct 2003
Loved it! Lots of fun. Seems to have some textures missing though. Anyone else have this problem?
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Anton unregistered
#9   24 Oct 2003
Quakarum - this is not only topic where Constantin says his "opinion".
In every map's comments on this page he pours shit to maps, mappers, etc. So, you should understand my reply.

As for map - it's simple good usual space map. 6/10

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Quakarum unregistered
#8   23 Oct 2003
Isn't this a review site? Isn't this where we post our personal opinion on the subject at hand? It is not an issue of being a coder or a map creator but specifically an area where one can truthfully and honestly put forth constructive criticism on the downloaded data.

I don't, for the life of me understand Anton's reply. Constantin may have been harsh in his/her criticism but that person does bring up a good point. Do compare this map to others and you will soon realize that it is not of best stature against others. I don't think Constantin was criticizing the mapper but giving an honest personal review. Hey, isn't this the good old U.S.A. where one can freely express his freedom of speech?

Personally, this map is ok, it's no killer. I wouldn't give it more than a 7 after sifting through the myriads of maps here on this site.

So, he doesn't like "bouncy" and you didn't like the way he phrased it. Big deal! Dude, it's a stupid forum thread! Relax! Take a pill! Besides, Anton, you haven't giving us your review to support your argument? Where is it?! Hello? Does the word "review" ring-a-bell. At least Constantin the a-hole gave us some constructive criticism! Duh!

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Anton unregistered
#7   23 Oct 2003
Constantin (Kostik, blin...)

First show maps you created by yourself (if any), then pour shit on other maps.

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Constantin in Space unregistered
#6   22 Oct 2003
Bounce, land, bounce, land, bounce, land, bounce,, what is it I'm missing here? Oh, yeah, bounce, land, bounce, land!

originality 1, (10 being excellent)

technical 1, creativity 1, innovation 1, now...wait, what's missing here? Oh, yeah, gameplay 1. Now, for those who haven't noticed that's a 1 as in after 0 and before 2.

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speed unregistered
#5   22 Oct 2003
looks dog (bored to death by this style from q3test days)

plays on par with dm17 - good

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DAAMAN unregistered
#4   22 Oct 2003
Hell yeah, Killer map man, Its maps like these that really make it worth playing. Very nice display, Tops
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Really Really Big Guy unregistered
#3   22 Oct 2003
It's A good map, I aggree that it lacks vertical play........but i'd rank it higher then all the space maps in the original game apart from DM17
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kezza unregistered
#2   22 Oct 2003
your a champ your map is also a champ and i love you
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bob unregistered
#1   22 Oct 2003
If you like Q3DM17 you will like space the middle bit of the map is heaps fun.
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