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********************************************************************************************* "space" - For Quake III Arena (Deathmatch) by Sam "Wiggles" Foot email me with any comments: **email removed** ============================================================================================= Title: Space Filenames: space.pk3, space.txt File size: 800 KB Author: Sam "Wiggles" Foot Address: **email removed** Description: The whole premise of this map originally was to make it a fun,fast paced level for multiplayer games which i think i have achieved. ============================================================================================= Additional Credits: Thanks to:Aaron,Kerrell,justin,Mick The guys at Id for being the guys at Id. Futurama for when i needed a break from those long hours. ============================================================================================= Map Instructions: Unzip space.pk3 into your Quake3/baseq3/directory. Launch game and go into the skirmish option and scan for levelshot. Frag till your eyes bleed. Players Recommended: 3 - 6 good level at lans. ============================================================================================= Information: ****Compiler: Athlon 900 256MB RAM GeForce 2 32MB In game Support - YES SP BOT support - YES Deathmatch - YES New Textures - NO Items/Weapons - Pretty much everything except BFG and lightninggun. ============================================================================================= Construction: Base: New level from scratch. Editor Used: Q3Radiant 199/Q3Build/ArenaMaster/PakScape Known Bugs: There are a few bugs with the bots they are a bit dumb sometimes but other then that i think it s all right. :) Total Compile Time: 20 Hours of hell. ============================================================================================= Copyright and Permissions: You can use anything that you find of redeeming value that you want, just and long as you give me the credit for what ever you use it for. That's all I ask! (c) Copyright 2003 Sam Foot
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