Wysokie napiêcie II
Wysokie napiêcie II by ShadoW
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#11   18 Jan 2012
Bien! 10/10.
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cityy Rep. 373
#10   20 May 2009
Great comments on this map. :D This made my day g
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Anonymous unregistered
#9   12 Mar 2009
son scheiss
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GRRa-NiTe unregistered
#8   26 Nov 2003
Overall an excellent map! The large room is inspired: with three very different rooms leading traffic into it and requiring extreme range shooting, dodging, and tactics (relieved ingeniously only by the pipes near the ra and the pillars under the catwalk) which progresses quickly to short range combat in the struggle for the armor, ammo, health, and pg. The other rooms provide pleasingly varied loops and situations, but mostly the guns and sufficient ammo to keep it all going. The only complaint is that the bots seem to avoid picking up the pg and run a predictable path across the big room. The map really begins to shine when loaded up with 12 or more players in TDM!
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Constantin the Fart unregistered
#7   21 Oct 2003
Laugh? From one's rectum? Huh? Is this some German thing? I don't get it. Is Scampie gay or is he/she into this Scheiße fetish? What does it have to do with z-buffering, 3d modelling and data matrices? What? Am I missing something here Scampie ol' chap?

Dear Scampie:

Ausgezeichnete Arbeit über das Diagramm. Es ist Spaß, aber, es gibt nicht zu erforschen viel, und wo Sie Sachen erwarten, um sich zu öffnen oder, Bewegung in irgendeiner Art Art und Weise, die sie nicht. So dort daß Esel saugt. Wie sagen Sie das auf englisch? Oder, bin ich irgendein sinnvoll seiend? Ist logisches dieses?

9 for ambience, 7 for architecture (nothing mind-blowing we haven't seen before here and exploration is limited), 7 for gameplay, 5 for innovations, 7 for concept and 3 for Scampie's literary skills.

Oh, one more thing...was dieser Geruch ist Scampie?!

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Scampie unregistered
#6   20 Oct 2003
I said: Wabbits, Wabbits everywhere, Wabbits, Wabbits in my hair.
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d0odicuff unregistered
#5   20 Oct 2003
scampie, i understand english and i have NO idea what you said! cripes, buy a dictionary already.
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pazur unregistered
#4   16 Oct 2003
ladna mapka :)
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Scampie unregistered
#3   15 Oct 2003
Seeming as no one else has commented, I'll have a go at it. Hope the author understands english.

Overall, it feels very weak, not horrible or anything like that, it just suffers from lots of design problems.

Each individual area looks excellant, where the map falls flat on it's face is tying them all together and making it a coherant theme. There's a bunch of nice rooms in the blue/grey techy concrete theme which look great and have nice details... and then there's a completely differant look in the railgun/megahealth room which, altho it looks just as good as all the others on it's own, completly doesn't fit in with the map. Beyond aestetic inconsistencies, the large open Red Armor/Plasma Gun area completely deviates from the other area's closer design. This area could have been easily sized down a few notches and been just as effective in being a large combat area while fitting the design of the rest of the map better.

I feel the sprawling design of the map is hurt further by the fact that most rooms are generally flat only offering a single higher area in a few of the rooms, and most of those accessible from the same area. A two floor layout like this demands a lot more work put into assuring lots of over head action, as well as give the player the ability to use the maps design to gain himself an advantageous postion.

Now, after all that critism, I'll just state it again that the looks of the areas and the attention to details is excellant. You've done a great job with the construction of the map, I just feel you'll need to put some more forethought into your future maps in terms of layout and overall theme coherancy.

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Scampie unregistered
#2   13 Oct 2003
Loud Sie heraus lachend, sagte Sie gerade Bumsenhunde
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macho unregistered
#1   13 Oct 2003
wysokie napiecie means HIGH VOLTAGE,

to find is in polish "szukat" and in slovak it means "to fuck", so when you say "szukam psa" it means "i fuck a dog", so now be smart and dont drink at work

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