The Tower Battleground
Screenshot for The Tower Battleground by heXum
Added: 11 Sep, 2003   More than 15 years old
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26 Feb 2012
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Similar textures to 'Scrap Metal By Bal'. Good map with average Gameplay. I like the design and the layout of the map. It's original and very well made. 8.5/10
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22 Jul 2009
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Cool game
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15 Sep 2003
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heXum u did v good work.

I just find maps set out in figures of eight style (morbius strip like) allow for more fluid play & less predictability of players. very much look forward more of your maps.
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11 Sep 2003
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Thanks for the kind words on the architecture review. The gameplay has been tested a lot with a friend over a LAN and once you get playing with a smart person it gets to be a lot of fun. To be shooting into the bottom tower from far off and see your enemy walk out of the top tower is like a Scooby Doo cartoon and rather amusing. Don't be afraid to rocketjump around to make things faster!

Hope you like it!

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