q3jdm9a by the Hubster
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Foralarx Rep. 688
#12   10 Sep 2009
Personal Opinion (Let me state that right from the beginning):- Whilst I think Hubster did a great job with the graphics on this map, sadly I think he missed the opportunity to cater for a much larger audience and to really give this map it's full potential.


  1. Upper RL area. In the original it's a simple hop up to the GL ledge (of course in the original all that's up there is a couple armour shards and some health). This is not possible in Hub's version without the use of the ramp from the upper YA area.
  2. Lower RL area. The stairs from the lower RL area have been removed making it impossible to double back and forcing the player to use the teleporter or to RJ out of the lower RL pit.
  3. Upper YA stairs. In the orginal you could take the YA and go up the jp and round to the upper RL / GL area in one fluid movement. In Hub's version the player has to stop and back up a couple of steps or time the turn to the stairs right to follow the same route. This stop in momentum really changes the speed of the game in that area.
  4. Replacing the JP with the Telelporter to the upper RL / GL area. This cuts of two route choices for the player. a) cutting right, back round the YA and b) cutting left towards the RG. I'm not so sure I like this. But I do like the speed the Teleporter provides.
Pros:- (I like to finish on the good stuff).

  1. Replacing the fog pit with the lava pit. This means the player stands a greater chance of survival and yet is still servely punished for lack of awareness.
  2. Replacing the jump pad at the RG and removing the protecting wall. This makes for a much more fluid bit of game play.
  3. Replacing the jump pad on the GL ledge with the stairs to the upper level. Again excellent choice and again makes for a much more fluid game.
  4. Removal of some of the pillars in the RL / GL area and the movement of the GL to the upper area. Simply put a great idea whilst also stopping someone camping at the GL.
  5. PG replaced by the MH and lost of the pillar there. Again I really like the idea and I think it makes for a much better tactical consideration. Especially with the GA inclusion down where the GL was originally.
For me, both maps have their own good and bad points. I wish there was a third version which catered for my cons. Then I'd be one happy bunny :)

Edited: 10 Sep 2009 AEST

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Takkie Rep. 1798
#11   09 Sep 2009
I loved the original and i love this map.
Incredible map, amazing stuff!
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AEon Rep. 770
#10   26 Aug 2009
An awesome 1on1 map: I love the lighting, clean texture choices, and layout. It is a lot of fun playing this map against the bot. Why can't more 1on1 maps be like this? :)... Anyway, a definite download, even for the folks that usually do not play tourney.
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Jaj unregistered
#9   22 Apr 2003
Top notch both, visuals and gameplay!.
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Electro unregistered
#8   22 Apr 2003
hub: congrats on the release mate
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Kamarov unregistered
#7   19 Apr 2003
Decent item placement providing some fun gameplay but the architecture is uninspired and very flat.
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DruZli unregistered
#6   18 Apr 2003
Nice job all the way Hub !
I liked the oringinal from jude and i like that one even better...:)


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pjw unregistered
#5   17 Apr 2003
Kicks much ass.

I always really liked the gameplay in the original, but yeah, it was a bit . . . plain, and sort of odd looking in places.

Now its looks do the gameplay justice. Who says you can't have both?!

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[acid] unregistered
#4   17 Apr 2003
playing it since beta 2, if i can remember right, this is my favorite duel map for nearly a year. had lots of lan games and tons of fun with gekitsu on it, although it's a pain in the ass playing against an armor runner ;)

for a cpm map looks are just stylish.


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The Hubster unregistered
#3   17 Apr 2003
One of the greatest levels ever made alright, and you can thank Jude for that.

Q3JDM9 has always been one of my favourite maps. I'm just hoping I did Jude's idea good justice.

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nitin unregistered
#2   16 Apr 2003
yep, one of the few gameplay+looks levels. Beautiful lighting and texturing and the layout rocked hard in the original. The item placement is wht make sit though, excellent job hub.


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v1l3 unregistered
#1   16 Apr 2003
reviewed by me =o

Great Level Hub!

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