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Released: 27th March 2003 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Title : q3jdm9a Filename : q3jdm9a.bsp Author : Jude Remixed by The Hubster Email Address : Jude - **email removed**, The Hubster - **email removed** Description : Promode duel/DM map ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Play Information - ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Settings : bleh Deathmatch 2-8 : not really Duel : Designed really for duel TDM : Give it a go? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Construction - ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Design Time : Far too long - approx 8 months or so Editor used : GTK Radiant 1.2.12 Compile Utilities : q3map2 2.5.3 by ydnar Compile Settings : BSP -meta VIS LIGHT -fast -bounce 8 -samples 2 -filter BSPC -forcesidesvisible -bsp2aas Known Bugs : None Additional Credits : Evil Lair for the "Evil 8" textureset, Sock for the "Mars" skybox, Decker for the teleporter textures & shaders Hoony & arQon for CPMA Jude - for giving me the chance to remix Q3JDM9 (my favourite Jude map) Beta Testers : Shambler, Raven, xfoo, Swelt, Electro, lsvx0r, Statik, 4nt1, Icarus, pjw, Pure Imaginary, wviperw, arQon, iX, Wolfman, and anyone else I forgot to mention. Thankyou all for your fantastic help once again! Special Thanks : Shambler, xfoo, Swelt and Pure Imaginary - the testing you guys provided was the best, this map couldn't play the way it does without you guys. Cheers! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Instructions - ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Coffee or tea, preferably strong. - Extract .pk3 file into baseq3 directory. - Load CPMA. - Call a timeout. - Check casket order with local funeral director. - Call time in. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Copyrights/Permissions - ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This map design (q3jdm9) is copyright 2000 by FxR|jude - **email removed**. This map MAY NOT be used as a base for other levels. This map MAY be distributed on bbs sites or the WWW, as long as this text file is included, intact. This map MAY NOT be distributed on CD or floppy unless you have the author's permission.
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