by acid
shaman&dragon by acid
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"Stiller Bewunderer" unregistered
#9   17 Apr 2003
Sorry! This is a English speaking forum!
I said:
"Great map! Best map I´ve played for a long period of time!"
Download this, or die!!!!
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"Stiller Bewunderer" unregistered
#8   17 Apr 2003
Die Map ist einfach das beste, was ich seid langem mal wieder gesehen habe!


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putty unregistered
#7   16 Apr 2003
the trickjumps were alot better in the many many many alpha/betas i played :

it feels too forced-specific now, before it was very fluid

works for me in 1v1 :D

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yoshi unregistered
#6   16 Apr 2003
very playable 2on2 map! lotsa fun.
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wviperw unregistered
#5   15 Apr 2003
haven't played against a human yet, but my initial observations are:

-scale is MUCH better than when I was playing the alphas/betas. Item placement in general is also a lot better.

-however, you can run RA->MH quite easily by dropping down the chute next to RA and telejumping over the gap to MH.

-I didn't like the forced little trickjumps you added in by putting pieces of brush sticking out from the wall (e.g. - double ramp to mega). It feels to cheap, and ruins flow in places. Sometimes its good to not allow a player to get from point A to point B. Maybe its different w/ human players and 2v2, but I doubt it.

-I actually thought the texturing was pretty cool... but thats just me. :)

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oRBIT unregistered
#4   15 Apr 2003
excellent map!!!

my only complaint is that the mega health respawns too often.

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nitin unregistered
#3   15 Apr 2003
solid map but it just doesnt quite do something for me in the layout department.


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poub unregistered
#2   15 Apr 2003
the map is great. dont argue about the looks, they are nice. i played this map 2v2 several times and had great games everytime. the layout is hiqual and in times of map-configs complaints about item layout is pointless.
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prophet unregistered
#1   15 Apr 2003
A very good map. Nice Work.
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