Eternal Scream
Eternal Scream by Dayve
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JADscratch unregistered
#5   27 Apr 2013
I remember enjoying this map a long while back in my childhood. Today, I feel fulfilled coming back and dusting this oldie off. I enjoy everything about this map. For one thing, the item placement is superb, and the double Quad swap idea is brilliant, for it adds an interesting spin on the map. The bots are a smidge of a downer, due to how the game slows down a lot when they go for the moving platforms, but hey, that's just how things work. Finally, there is a really funny secret to the map, but it is near impossible to get to it in regular gameplay (try using \noclip or \give flight). This map never lets me down. A definite keeper for anyone, space map fan or not. Excellent work, Dayve (I feel bad that I'm thanking you so late :P).
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FragTastic Rep. 2333
#4   11 Jan 2012
Beautiful Map! 10/10.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2352
#3   12 Sep 2011
One! But the bright blue lights sometimes make me feel as though its a CTF map. That's the reason its better to use colors that aren't red or blue, such as purple, orange, green, yellow, etc.
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GuitarMan Rep. 468
#2   29 Nov 2010
Heh, had some good laughs with the bots falling to their deaths all the time. :D

Besides that, I like this map.

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Joe unregistered
#1   27 Jun 2003
Great map, I am glad to be there to watch in the Creation of this map you have done well Dayve
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