Eternal Scream
Eternal Scream by Dayve

This spacemap is really huge. Only by playing with the suggested player count can you get the maximum satisfaction out of this arena. As with all spacemaps, the all-too-familiar screams of falling into the abysses of darkness are present. But this map takes the cake for having the real eternal screams, the falls are really long. The various moving platforms slow down the action by a considerable amount. Bots tend to just drop off into space half of the time even when not threatened. There are two Quads, both at extreme ends and the long respawn period of the BFG prevents camping. It is possible to get both the Quad and BFG within a short period of time. However, balance is not really a problem considering the respawn periods. Bots an easy pick when waiting for the moving platforms but otherwise do OK.

This map provides a few good fights, though it would not be necessarily a keeper.

Reviewed by sK8eR_bOy

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (10 votes)

Download: Eternal Scream by Dayve