Lost At Satan's Sea
Lost At Satan's Sea by SoKaR
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FragTastic Rep. 2231
#5   07 Jan 2012
Wow! Very creepy :O.
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-*DMF*-ORANGE9mm unregistered
#4   15 Jun 2003
Sokar, this map shreds. I have dl'd some of your maps from PQ and your designs are the most intelligent I have seen in a long time. A 10 for my score!
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Sokar unregistered
#3   13 Apr 2003
I like this map.......not because it's my, but it really got something special....and yes, it's a little bit too big for tourney....FFA is much bettet...... Endroid is my best friend so he gave to my map good score, but I give a score of 6 to it......
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Endroid unregistered
#2   13 Apr 2003
Nice arhitecture and style...sweet FFA gameplay, but maybe a little to big for tourney.....

Looking forward to see more...

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MSandt unregistered
#1   13 Apr 2003
Design, style & textures are all good but in my opinion it's too big for one-on-one and really doesn't work for more than two players because of its shape.
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