Blue Stone
Blue Stone by TymoN
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#11   18 Jan 2012
Holy Crap!. Its Amazing!. 10/10.
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AEon Rep. 770
#10   26 Aug 2009
Bit dark this map, makes it hard to make out the bots.

Bug: Missing textures from mapmedia.pk3, that are not part of vQ3.

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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#9   25 Aug 2008
clever item placement combined with clever use of teleporters makes this a tourney map with a mature full-bodied flavour.
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The Hubster unregistered
#8   14 Apr 2003
Nothing wrong with 2xYA and 1xRA on a map meant for tourney, provided the layout will accomodate the item load.
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ShadoW unregistered
#7   12 Apr 2003
Good job TymoN!!!!

Congratulations,and gl for next maps

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chrz unregistered
#6   11 Apr 2003
I thin that amount of armors and mega on this small map makes a game a little bit faster and much more bloody (i'm wonder that one player can gain big adventage which in my opinion is good if this is not to BIG adventage)

one big minus for me are teleports, escpecially one above the ra - don't you think?

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Todtsteltzer unregistered
#5   11 Apr 2003
Hmm, I think I should be a bit more detailed next time ;). I don't think that 2 YAs and a RA are too much armor for tourney maps in general, but I think it's too much for THIS tourney map, because it's easy to control MH and both YAs.

I'm testing new maps on a clean install of Q3A, maybe that's the reason why I experience texture leaks while others don't.

Btw, it seems that someone voted with a '0' for this map. I don't know if this was by accident or intentional, but if it was the second, it would be nice to hear from this voter why he dislikes this map that much. I think the author would appreciate that.

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StormShadow unregistered
#4   11 Apr 2003
again, im not missing any textures.. hmm.

anyway, good map, nice layout.. i dont think there is too much armor (ztn3tourney1 - the best known tourney map out there - has 2 ya's and an ra) but there are a lot of teleporters. Also, there is a bit of 'sameness' in the map so its hard to immediately know where you are. Nice layout tho, i love the RA location. Some pretty cool jumps also. I like the other one a bit better, but this one is pretty sweet too.


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*papri-K* unregistered
#3   11 Apr 2003
"Bizkit, you could always turn your brightness settings up in Quake 3 ya know... ;-)


well, and btw everybody uses vertex lighting...

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Todtsteltzer unregistered
#2   11 Apr 2003
Again a nice map, Tymon! Good use of the evil 7 texture set...and again a missing texture (this time mapmedia):

[i]trying textures/ctf/killblock_i2_b.TGA...[/i]

Too much armor (RA and 2 YAs) for a tourney map, I think, but it plays good in FFA.

Keep up the good work! 8/10

Btw, is there any way to get a grip on your earlier works, TymoN?

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Dust unregistered
#1   10 Apr 2003
Bizkit, you could always turn your brightness settings up in Quake 3 ya know... ;-)

Nice map TymoN.

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