Dead of Winter
Dead of Winter by Jax_Gator
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#22   12 Dec 2020
Very nice map, particularly the FFA version (it's too big for tourney imo). Well connected, with horizontal and vertical action. The sky box is very nice. You can see the mountains through the windows.
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PHOB unregistered
#21   22 Mar 2013
I meant impreZZive
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#20   10 Jan 2012
Amazing Map!
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SW12 unregistered
#19   19 Dec 2010
Is this based on QUAKE3Stuff By Senn, or is it the other way around? Anyway, i like snow themes. Escpecially in this time of year.
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Anonymous unregistered
#18   04 Mar 2009
It sure is a lot of fun. Great weaponplacement and many possibilitys for some surprises around the corner or behind a teleporter.

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Myth unregistered
#17   15 Mar 2003
fantastic layout, had a blast on it, can get some crazy speeds up legging it around!


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The Sire of Sausage unregistered
#16   12 Mar 2003
Good stuff.
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Jax_Gator unregistered
#15   12 Mar 2003
<|3FG20K>: I was kidding you man. Notice the tongue and winky :P };)


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Jax_Gator unregistered
#14   12 Mar 2003
Hi Przemek! Glad to hear that you and the crew in Poland are enjoying my latest release.

Thanks for the review VanZeR. I'm a little surprised that it turned out to play fairly well in both modes myself.

Thanks for the comments Clowny-boy and Xixung ;)

Baron of Beef: 8-10 player load sounds like mayhem for sure. Glad you're enjoying it and thanks for the comments.


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The Baron of Beef unregistered
#13   11 Mar 2003
Definitely a keeper and we have been thrashing it in FFA for the last week or so. Love the bedlam downstairs in 8-10 player mode, with calmer 1 on 1 upstairs. The rocket/yellow armour/megahealth/bedlam rotation is one of the best map bits we have seen. Great map.
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Mikey unregistered
#12   08 Mar 2003
Great job Jax!
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BLOTTO unregistered
#11   08 Mar 2003
Congrats and Job well done !!!
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<|3FG20K> unregistered
#10   08 Mar 2003
I didn't say archs dude, i said curves =P You did a good job.
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VanZeR** unregistered
#9   07 Mar 2003
This map plays so well in both modes its not funny, i personally like the tourney version

i havent seen better item placement

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MateoMartinezz unregistered
#8   07 Mar 2003
Hi Dave, finally LVL reviewed your "child " :D, map is fantastic, gameplay rox, tourney version is a masterpiece, Jax - as usual - great job. Greetings from Poland
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Jax_Gator unregistered
#7   07 Mar 2003
Thanks for the positive comments. There will be some that don't like it as there is with anything. Can't please everyone }:)

Initially, I just wanted to build a small FFA map but decided that the size of the map would make for a decent Tourney level. Because vanilla Q3 spawns the weapons so quickly (every 5 secs) I increased them to 15 secs for the Tourney version and placed the RG on the double jump ledge. So, I'm really glad to hear that it plays well in both modes.

Unfortunately, I received an email the other day stating that there is an exploit in the map. I haven't found it yet but supposidly a player can get behind a curve somewhere in the map and kill without being killed. Damn! Wish I would have found this before release. Oh well, sh!t happens.

Yeah nitin, lighting is probably a little excessive in places for some people but I think that helps to give it a little bit of a "colder" feel. Not only that but so many people play with different gammas and configs that it is extremely hard to get it just right for everyone. Looks pretty good on my machine though...hehe

<|3FG20K>: Huh? I didn't put any arches in the map :P };)


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<|3FG20K> unregistered
#6   07 Mar 2003
A very good map. I think the amount of curves is excessive, but that's just me. The layout is very intricate, which is a good thing, and the railgun placement is a nice touch to providing more connectivity to the plasma area. This map has a solid foundation. 9/10
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StormShadow unregistered
#5   05 Mar 2003
very versatile map, plays fantastic as ffa, and tourney. Gameplay and aesthetics are awesome. Great work by jax, as always. This is one of those 'must have' maps.
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nitin unregistered
#4   05 Mar 2003
nice map, needs better lighting though. FFA is a blast however, good job again jax.
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LordSquart unregistered
#3   05 Mar 2003
My favourite mapper :) heya bro great map ^_^
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*JuggerNaut unregistered
#2   04 Mar 2003
Great playing map for both tourney and ffa. gameplay is fast and flowing even during one on ones thanks to the smart placement of teleporters and jumppads. weapons? ya it's got those too, and not scattered about like other maps of lesser quality. GG Jax_Gator! another ace map. download it now.
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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#1   04 Mar 2003

I wouldnt expect anything less from a Jax map.

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