Nothing At All
Nothing At All by Laerth
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FragTastic Rep. 2231
#57   25 Feb 2012
Works perfectly with 1v1 matches.
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Cityy unregistered
#56   14 Mar 2009
Oh yeah it would be great!!

By the way: This is a very good and original map!! It's real fun with 3 players. I want to see mooooore maps like this one (:

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Tig Rep. 1184
#55   13 Mar 2009
@Cityy: Ahh.. no, not at the moment. Maybe there should be. I'll think about it :]
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Cityy unregistered
#54   13 Mar 2009
Is there still a 'stats' page Tig?
This link seems to be wrong.
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Myth unregistered
#53   15 Jul 2006
ooh, that's cruel having a 'Least downloaded levels' section Tig! Especially since some of those maps are actaully ok, and the reason for lack of downloads is more due to Q3's age than anything else.
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Tig Rep. 1184
#52   09 Jul 2006
There are a few levels with near 20,000 downloads or more - check the 'stats' page: -- link removed as it is longer supported
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redfella unregistered
#51   09 Jul 2006
Never for this game.... I don't even think newer games get 20,000 downloads per map. Not sure. I can't seem to quite locate another place like ..::lvl for any other game. Am I missing something?
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v1l3 Rep. 885
#50   09 Jul 2006
Yeah....when is someone going to submit a map, that'll get 20,000 downloads ar ar

Edited: 09.Jul.2006 02:11 UTC

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redfella unregistered
#49   08 Jul 2006
6 years later a dude walks in and surveys the dead thread....
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Nitebeat unregistered
#48   27 Jul 2002
this has to be THE most downloaded map from this site right =-/

It's a nice map. But didn't really feel like playing it over and over again =-/

nice choice on the track though.

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unnamed1 unregistered
#47   24 Apr 2001
Laerth is a great mapper, and this map proves it.
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woe unregistered
#46   02 Mar 2001
who uses bots???
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#45   14 Sep 2000
I played this map some time ago. It's beautiful. Gameplay was a little slow but that's a nitpick.

Excellent map.

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itchynutsack unregistered
#44   07 Jul 2000
I'm not sure what to think of this one. The bots do suck on it, we know this. I have yet to be able to play some humans on it so I won't vote yet. Just running around and having a look at it though, something just seems off. I think overall the texturing is a bit on the dull side. Not atrocious or anything but it could have been better. The dark base look I guess has just grown old to me. The same atmosphere could have been achieved while still spicing it up ever so slightly I think. Looks are secondary, I know. But at this point it's all I can comment on and I'm bored. :)

Seems like it would be good for small Team DM's or about 4-5 player FFA. The flow of it doesn't seem like it would make for an exciting tourney map however. Could be wrong but that's the impression I get from it.

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MAX [DAMAGE] unregistered
#43   27 May 2000
Very nice indeed. Two words: DOWNLOAD THIS NOW! (I don't need to be able to count to give this map a kick-ass 10).
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not entered unregistered
#42   07 Apr 2000
Poor bot-support.
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[AGENT]Cunno unregistered
#41   26 Mar 2000
nice map
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Octovus unregistered
#40   13 Mar 2000
Well this map perhaps gave me a little less than I expected, but that said it was still good. Tig is absolutely right about it being great for LAN games, partly because it is a kickass map for them, and partly because, sorry but the bots kinda suck. Getting stuck on the bouncepads comes to mind. But still a very strong map, the slightly bland textures actuallly worked very well. Definitely a keeper. =)

Happy Fraggin! Octovus

(7.5 outa 10, rounded down to 7)

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Rize unregistered
#39   08 Mar 2000
This map looks awesome and it's probably fun too, but my pc just can't handle the r_speeds. So... I only gave it an 8. Next time try and keep an eye out for the guys w/ crappy video cards...
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Snoopy unregistered
#38   05 Mar 2000
Brilliant map, one little thing:

The tall bounce pad in the main room - the bots get stuck on it.
I think I know why too, when I stand on it and let go of all my keys I can bounce up and down
for ages, so it needs to push the player forward a teensy bit more. But that's such a minor gripe, this thing rocks!

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CROME|DOME unregistered
#37   05 Mar 2000
Not only does this map rock,but the killer jams that come with it, make it even more killer,really gives it a feal of power!!!!!Ahhhhhhh remindes me of the good ol Q2 days....
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Cyberhazard unregistered
#36   05 Mar 2000
I like it, I like it alot...
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Spiff unregistered
#35   04 Mar 2000
Keep this up and you will have a job, Laerth. Work on your weapon & item placement a bit. You are 90% there to knowing the flow.

You've got the looks down pat. This is tech in a way I've never seen it before, and it shiiines. Try other styles to expand if you must, but as has been said before, if you can demonstrate that you have a unique style, you're more likely to be noticed.

Agree (0) or Disagree (0) unregistered
#34   04 Mar 2000
"id" is looking for a mapper laerth.
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Forlon unregistered
#33   03 Mar 2000
Ouch, I'm supposed to be sleeping right now... not playing this damned map! Thanks a bunch Laerth! ; )
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Krash unregistered
#32   03 Mar 2000
Very cool map. Nice consistentcy throughout. I loved the curved pipes connecting the lights.

Keep it up

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djembe unregistered
#31   03 Mar 2000
One of the best Q3 maps I've had the pleasure to play...
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MurK-Smegma unregistered
#30   03 Mar 2000
How about a map where Q3 is lacking? 1on1! :)

Promising, keep up the good work.


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M@dM@x unregistered
#29   02 Mar 2000
sorry. my last statement was not for this map.
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M@dM@x unregistered
#28   02 Mar 2000
i have found a little error in this map. in the room where the rl lies by the bridge. when i go from the lower plane to the upper, in the curve of the brigde-beginn i fall "in" the curve. nearly in the beginning.
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Twitchfactor unregistered
#27   01 Mar 2000
Incredible architecture, the picture doesn't do it justice.

Does have a VERY Q2 feel/look to it, but the bouncepads dispel that.

One prob was the lighting was kinda bland and it makes my AMDk6-2/450/TNT2-Ultra chug in the RL room.

Of course, BOTS give you a 3-4fps hit just for having them on.

Send More Maps, Please...

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-nt-Realm unregistered
#26   01 Mar 2000
Ridicoulus map laerth! My only question is, why arn't you working for id!?! :D


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paRa-NoiA unregistered
#25   01 Mar 2000
This map ownz with 4-6 players. Full on, yet a bit of strat can help you pull out a gap if you're good enuff.

Reminds me gameplay wise of some of the better Q1 maps, sorta Bal or Frib-like.

Ya gotta luv the rg on this level :)

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Deadstar unregistered
#24   01 Mar 2000
Yeah, well I think everyone's said what I want to say!

This map is a work of genious, and hopefully a taste of what's to come with some other quality mappers. Awesome flow, and great looks.

Well done.

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pUq3 unregistered
#23   01 Mar 2000
I don't think I need to tell Laerth that this map is damn great, now do I?

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Khabal{KoF} unregistered
#22   01 Mar 2000
Kick-ass map manz.

This one is going in the server rotation for sure.

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Vondur unregistered
#21   01 Mar 2000
Groovy map.

Stylish....dark grey theme...mmmm

Nice overall ambience including sounds, lighting and other details...

Gameflow is excellent....

Keep on laerth!

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not entered unregistered
#20   01 Mar 2000
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[-V1Ru5-] unregistered
#19   29 Feb 2000
Cool map. like q2 style maps but this is little different. Has a UT type look to it. But ran on a better engine. :) Frame rate got hit a few times but i just need to upgrade. What happened to the days where a p2 350 with voodoo2 SLI was fast?!?!?! hehe
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laerth unregistered
#18   29 Feb 2000
Thanks for the comments :)

Lunaran: Yeah, the bots suck. Believe it or not, this map was designed for human-play. :)

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Micky unregistered
#17   29 Feb 2000
This level rocks,lots of eye candy and lots of fast play.
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Octovus unregistered
#16   29 Feb 2000
Tx Tig, it worked, have yet to run the map though...
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Lunaran unregistered
#15   29 Feb 2000
Laerth, you've made an excellent map, and your name starts with L besides. Two very cool things.

My only complaints: the bots tend to cluster in the main RL room, while the rest of the map seems dead. Whilst in that room, they all get stuck on that one bouncepad. They continually go down for the RL, get on the bouncepad, go up and then fall back onto the middle catwalk, then jump down onto the pad again. THey don't stop until someone blows them either onto the upper platform or to kingdome Come.

I do absolutely love the map, though. The theme is very industrial, and it has a great Quake2ish feel because of the slanted walls and the caution striping around most of the level. If the bot play were better, this would be one of my regulars.

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4Fuxache unregistered
#14   29 Feb 2000

has a Quake2 kinda look to me which is cool

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#13   29 Feb 2000
Try the ftpcdrom link using a ftp client, not a web browser. Just right click and copy link location (Netscape) or copy shortcut (IE)
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Octovus unregistered
#12   29 Feb 2000
Ack! The "Percent Completed" bar of the download kept freezing up halfway through and from the comments I would want to get this one... anyone got a tip how I might get by the problem?
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Excessus unregistered
#11   29 Feb 2000
Let alone the gameflow, which is great; the visual impact, with is totally cool, and the general ambience of the level, which has been constructed with such a great taste, it sure plays like hell, on 1on1, up to 6FFA and even 2on2. What is better is that bot distribution is great too, althought they love to use certain jumper like real morons: rail ┬┤em!

I agree this is one of the few professional builds till date, and a must-download for sure.

Laerth: More, please!

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Killer unregistered
#10   29 Feb 2000
This is a fantastic map. The theme is superb and I really love the texture combinations, kinda reminds me a bit of Obsidian by SPoG (one of my favourite Q2 maps). Architecture is equally accomplished and the map is very very nicely constructed. Playability is no let down either, I had great fun in it owning some bot ass with the Railgun >:-) Great work Learth, I will be adding a review of Nothing At All to my "Must Have" Maps page soon.
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AssBall unregistered
#9   29 Feb 2000
Excellent layout, item placement, texturing, and archetecture. This is definitely one of the top 5 custom maps out there. Attention to detail is great, and playability is fantastic.
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Sundown unregistered
#8   29 Feb 2000
Overall, excellent. Needs just a tad tweaking on item placement and maybe a couple more weapons. Flow is to die for, and visually, el yummo! Kept waiting for Buck Rogers to appear so I could bust his move.
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Biff_Debris unregistered
#7   29 Feb 2000
I'm completely in agreement with Johnny on this one. Any map where there is such a balance of diversity and theme is to be commended big time! However, I also agree with M@dm@x that the item placement could've been better (lotsa large areas with naught but a health or two). Still it's a peach.
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MogWaEE unregistered
#6   29 Feb 2000
Beautiful: the author managed to make a great map by combining great texture with grandiose architecture! The flow is wonderful especially considering the scarecity of the weapons: he really makes it count when you have to run for ammo, weapon or even health!
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Hubster[NeRV] unregistered
#5   29 Feb 2000
An ingenious piece of work. Superbly textured and architecturally designed. Gameplay is great, and framerate? Well hell, if this makes your system cry, you shouldnt be playing Quake III Arena.

Without a doubt, I place this as the MOST professional looking user-made level for Quake III Arena.

Well done!

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M@dM@x unregistered
#4   29 Feb 2000
I think it has a good design, but the weaponplacement is not really perfected. Not enough weapons and/or ammo. All in all a good map.

(sorry for my bad english)

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[ac]Kevl4R unregistered
#3   29 Feb 2000
I grabbed this map late last night and we did a quick 2 on 2 on our server. The concrete textures look really good and the gameplay was pretty fast. The angled jump pads were a little awkward. Overall, one of the better Team DM that I have played.
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Johnny unregistered
#2   29 Feb 2000
This is a gem. A completely convincing environment that gives off a nice dark mood upon entrance, which is the perfect prep for some serious fragging. He keeps each area looking diverse while staying within one specific theme. Which is not that easy to do imho. I'm giving it a 10, and then goin back to study it some more.
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Fileplanet sucks unregistered
#1   29 Feb 2000
But this map dosn't :P
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