Fog of War
Fog of War by Dj Bob[TDS]
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dj bob unregistered
#4   08 Mar 2000
This level was finished like 3 weeks ago, i have some new levels on my site but nothing finished as of yet.

I don't know why i called the pak file a different name from the map. Must have been drunk the day i made it :)

Soz but i can't update/change that map as i no longer have the .map file

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Jim unregistered
#3   05 Mar 2000
Could have benefited from better construction and texturing. The addition of edge-trim around or in-between walls/ceilings, or objects of different textures which are joined could have made this map look better.
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Quaker-X unregistered
#2   05 Mar 2000
i dont know about the textures, but like Sir Frags A Lot said, it is a pretty good map and would be great for rails. keep up the good work.
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Sir Frags A Lot unregistered
#1   05 Mar 2000
One thing before I begin the first talk the pk3 file should be dbdm1 and not bob ok. Next I want to say I love this level it's fast the bots go to every point in the level they don't go to one point the level design is beautiful and you can go in the fog nice for multiplay levels for hiding this level just rulez it kicks ass d/l it now. One question what are your plans for next levels??????????? I give it a 9
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