Ohhh Ramon
Ohhh Ramon by King Alf
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#5   06 Jul 2011
Year 2000 had the most...interesting maps.

I must be weird because I seem to get intrigued by ugly maps.

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Alf unregistered
#4   06 Mar 2000
not for the review, just the circulation...
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Bad_To_The_Bone unregistered
#3   06 Mar 2000
Please don't take this the wrong way Alf, but if you don't want a map to be taken seriosely why send it in for review?
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Alf-o-roonie unregistered
#2   06 Mar 2000
thanks for the criticism...

I kinda wish it did'nt get reveiwed, for some reson everyone seems to be taking the map serios, i sure did'nt. and if anyone actually reads this post, it IS worth the download for anyone wishing to get away from competitive serious deathmatch, not that i'm against DM, but every once in awhile i need a break, and thats where "oh Ramon" came from. (as well as the quad in the map)

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Jim unregistered
#1   05 Mar 2000
Too small. I also didn't like the way jump pads and teleporters were implemented (not their placement, but their appearance). Lighting was also a bit odd, and the quad has no place on such a small map.

If this is a work in progress, which I hope it is, I'll be looking forward to seeing what it turns into...

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