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Tatatu by GrindSpire
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warchild11 Rep. 0
#15   15 Feb 2012
it looks great i need to try it thou im about to right now
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FragTastic Rep. 1454
#14   05 Feb 2012
Excellent Map! Textures are amazing, Gameplay is spot on & Skybox is wonderful. 10/10
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2129
#13   11 Jan 2012
A marvelous map. The texturing is some of the best usage of Single Malt I've set my eyes on, lighting is great and the outdoor areas below the nighttime sky add to the atmosphere. The gameplay and layout flow nicely, and while there could have been a little more vertical action IMO, it's not nearly as bad as the horizontal gameplay that tends to permeate maps like Overkill. In CPM you can traverse the hallways smoothly and speedily, especially if you can jump off the very tiny slopes on the MH platform, etc. The floating RA is a neat idea. I agree that switching the plain q3tourney1 full moon sky with one of the great user-made skies would have been cool, but it's not a map-killer by any means.

When the time comes to feature a map from November 2002, (right now there is an August 2002 map) this should definitely be the one to choose IMHO. Highly recommended.

Note: Although the readme says the map is called Tatatu, it's actually called At Peace during the loading screen. Not sure which one should take priority in this case, but oh well.
Edited: 11 Jan 2012 AEST

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oRBIT unregistered
#12   09 Jan 2003
quake 3 mapping at it's best =)
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Meatboy Dogfood unregistered
#11   24 Nov 2002
Good map! I like having halls with some room to manuvaner in. Give it a try with two mods. Bazooka quake and rune quake. Both are frag blenders and fit the map well
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Dale unregistered
#10   24 Nov 2002
Nice and well built. But looong, often straight hallways and not much dfa spolil the playability.
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nitin unregistered
#9   22 Nov 2002
yeah it's open but there's no RG, so it's a totally different style of play.
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Hippity Hoppity unregistered
#8   21 Nov 2002
Too baren and open.....

Lost interest real quick.

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ukiro unregistered
#7   19 Nov 2002
The scale put me off a bit. I'm no fan of tight hallways, buteverythingfeels big in this one. A little variety would have helped it, but it's a pretty, well crafted map and unless you're whiney about scale like me you'll probable have heaps of fun.
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R.P.G. unregistered
#6   18 Nov 2002
Screenshot = sex me
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sock unregistered
#5   18 Nov 2002
A very nice use of the SingleMalt texture pack with excellent use of the trim and lighting throughout.

The two levels of the map feel very flat to me and the floor space does not move up and down enough. The outside rock area is nice but feels like the top section has been cut off too soon.

Very nice work, 8 from me.

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nitin unregistered
#4   18 Nov 2002
excellent visuals, lighting is excellent.

Layout is a bit taste dependent given the scale but I like the different gameplay that it leads to.

8 from me, grindy.

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nonentity (GrindSpire) unregistered
#3   18 Nov 2002
It's SingleMalt.

And it uses some extra SingleMalt textures that I got off of cybear too.

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not entered unregistered
#2   18 Nov 2002
The readme says its the SingleMalt.
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RasputiN unregistered
#1   17 Nov 2002
Uh, I'm currently working with the SingleMalt tex-set and the screenshot doesn't seem to resemble it... I'd guess it's The Core, isn't that so?
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