Tatatu by GrindSpire

A combination of Rorshach's SingleMalt texture set and a base-like architectural style creates an interesting and original look in this map. The structure is tidy and considered, lighting is also excellent and highly atmospheric. A well realised rocky outside area adds some variety to the mix. I think the map perhaps deserved a better sky but fortunately this does not really detract from the excellent visuals.

FFA and TDM games are very satisfying, the layout allows ample opportunity to try to outguess where opponents are going and the structure flows well between areas. The map has two floors throughout most of its area and fights starting between the two levels is common. Item placement is well thought out, with key items intelligently placed. Bots navigate the map fine.

You should definitely download this map.

Reviewed by Shallow

Ranked: 4.5 out of 5 (20 votes)

Download: Tatatu by GrindSpire