Heavy Metal Town
by Ekat
Heavy Metal Town by Ekat
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Geniraul Rep. 1464
#20   24 Nov 2023
i cant understand why everyone is saying this is a remake!

Its a complete new map with a part of the D. Nukem cinema in it.

@Ekat The gameplay of the original Duke Nukem 3D's E1L1: Hollywood Holocaust, is heavily based around this cinema, and a big, maybe even prevaling part of action turns around it on both E1L1 and this level, HMTFINAL. On Hollywood Holocaust this is the case because of how the single-player progression is designed. As for this map, Heavy Metal Town, the secrets from Duke Nukem 3D's cinema were brought here, at that secrets are in general not as typical for AFPSs as they are for classical FPSs, so despite the multiplayer/arena orientation of Quake III Arena, the player often finds himself/herself in this building, as that's where some additional inbuilt-in-the-map gameplay is.

Furthermore, at least in my opinion, it's always interesting to see some insidious dynamic traps in Quake 3 that are meant to act as if they had a mind or intellect and their manipulations were intentional and planned. In such a case it feels like the map itself fights you as a player — it's you vs environment, especially when the level itself makes some moves / takes some actions to catch you. Normally, this is not exactly typical for arena maps, so it can bring more fun to the match and create the impression that there's also some "third side".

By the way, I really appreciate the fact the DN3D traps were properly converted/adapted to id Tech 3 engine, since breakable or blowable objects is not something that you can often see in Q3. The ventillation grate, fire extinguishers, that thing at the entrance to the bathroom and of course, the cinematic screen. The grenade trap and the one with a crusher are useful in terms of gameplay as well. This map is incredibly impressive from the techincal standpoint!

Another aspect that is hard not to notice is the fact that this level features all the weapons, except maybe the Grappling Hook, and it even has all the weapons that are unique to Team Arena. I appreciate the TA compatibility, by the way, although I would certainly not mind seeing the full support for a regular Quake 3 Arena version, so that there are no missing textures. All the major power-ups are present, too: Quad, Haste, Regeneration, Invisibility, Battle Suit and Flight (plus Team Arena's Doubler). Other items don't lack either. Matter fact, the siren for the BFG secret can be triggered by dint of a rocket jump or a BFG jump without actually grabbing the weapon, so this small detail can be used to try to "troll" other participants of the match :)

I find quite creative the trick with the slot machine that gives you 50 armor too. One thing I'm not happy with, however, is the fact that the music is put to the SFX section. I do get the idea — this map is called "Heavy Metal Town", so the heavy metal plays forever here and is immortal. However, I would like to be able to regulate whether the music plays on a certain map in a particular match or not by myself, rather than having it permanently attached or binded to a certain in-map location/place in the form of a technical regular sound. Maybe 2 different versions would be a good idea, so that the player can choose independently which one to play each time they're about to launch the map.

Another thing that is very questionable is the choice of multimedia and certain signs on this level. However (although, as I've already mentioned before in a comment for another map, I'm not a big fan of this word), the Quakecute is very rich and well executed here. It really does make you feel like you're being in a cityscape environment and are discovering and exploring things around.

Overall, this map is very attractive from both visual and gameplay points of view and is also recommended to keep for historical purposes ;)

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Stick Man unregistered
#19   18 Dec 2012
i played this map in Q3 but have missing textures, WTF? oh yes, it needs to be loaded in TA but i have demo version. and lol, i love DUKE NUKEM 3D!!! i have it and this is first map of first episode. hope we see the rest maps from all FOUR episodes!!!
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Duke Nukem unregistered
#18   18 Dec 2012
Damn those alien bastards are gonna pay for shooting up my ride!
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Tig Rep. 1702
#17   09 Aug 2008
The author of this map I guess :] There is a readme as well.
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ekat unregistered
#16   09 Aug 2008
Who is this ekat?
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jkno Rep. 32
#15   12 Jul 2008
I really like this map. Large, lots of cool secrets, really fun to play. It's a keeper!!
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null geodesic unregistered
#14   10 Feb 2003

bizkit's review is almost as good as his website. ;-)

ignore his review. you'll miss a fun map. maybe i don't know what it takes to have "good gameplay", and perhaps i really am a "diehard duke 3d fan". but i know what i like, and i found this map to be a lot of fun, with and without a LAN.

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Comic Relief unregistered
#13   26 Oct 2002
Ah, lighten up, Bizkit. This is a fun level. Sure, it may not be the ideal tourney level, but it's a lot of fun to explore!
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Ekat unregistered
#12   24 Sep 2002
:D Thanks

Well, you dont have to make a roketjump to get the BFG ;)

..i think i have to tell that here, because its a looot of fun if you know it and play on a LAN!

1.Get into the toilet room of the cinema

2.Shoot the bars to enter the ventilation shaft

3.In the projector room push the button...then get down through the window

4.Fire a hole to the screen

5.Get the flight item and go up..theres a shaft to get out.

The funny thing is:

When you fly up to get the BFG everyone hears the Siren and will try to shoot u down ;)

Believe me...thats a lot of fun on LAN !!

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StormShadow unregistered
#11   23 Sep 2002
Awsome map, i love it. From a gameplay standpoint, its not that great, but the creativity and ingenuity that went into this is astounding. I spent literally over an hour wandering around on this map looking for secrets - and im quite sure i havent found them all.. but that rocket jump to the bfg was pretty neat :P

Had a couple missing textures tho, but not enough to ruin the map.

Great job, keep up the good work. 10/10

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SKS.45 unregistered
#10   21 Sep 2002
I almost didn't download after reading the review... Now I'am GLAD I downloaded this great map!!! Obviously alot of thinking, hard work and creativity went into this maps develoment. Wow!!! The disappearing stairway realy caught me by surprise! :-) I like finding all the secrets. This map is absolutly NICE! And a deffinate download... this map is staying on my hard drive.

GREAT work Ekat! and thank you,

this map is fun!

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McBugzz unregistered
#9   20 Sep 2002
Looks like I'm the only one here who is not happy w/ the map. I was a diehard Duke Numek 3D fan, but there are some issues here.

First, this is hardly a remake of DN3D map - this is a new map I agree, but I can't say it beats or even comes close to the original. Different engine - maps should be differnet too.

Second, this map looks to be more Urban Terror like than classic Q3 / Team Arena. Q3 is a fast, dynamic game, and this map is obviously designed for slow walking and firing REAL weapons.

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SKS.45 unregistered
#8   20 Sep 2002
WOW!!! This is a NICE!!! map.

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Question unregistered
#7   19 Sep 2002
Nice Site! :-)

Downloading now... my poor 56k :-) But the screenies look wonderful!

Thank you.

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Ekat unregistered
#6   19 Sep 2002
New Site is up!

So check out the Screenshots !

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Ekat unregistered
#5   19 Sep 2002
Yes, the map is large and has a lot of custom textures.

I needed about 998 Entities and 2300 Brushes...that causes the MB explosion, sorry for that! ;)

My page loads a bit strange,

you maybe have to refresh again and again, but it should apper after a while!

(By the way...im workin hard on a new page, maybe its up tomorrow)

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Question unregistered
#4   19 Sep 2002
13.07mb ? Is this a large map or does it have music added ?

I tried the authors site to bypass fileplanet... Not sure what I was looking at.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#3   18 Sep 2002
Did read the readme, did play in Team Arena, just forgot when I did the update. All fixed now.

I think its a fun map btw

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goebel unregistered
#2   18 Sep 2002
I think bizkits review is too hard because its a very good map

and the cinema is the only part of Duke Nukem.

In fact the bots are not playing very well but if you are playing with humans its great.

This map is esspecialy for metalfans and fans of realmaps and bizkit dont like both at all i thik.

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Ekat unregistered
#1   18 Sep 2002

i cant understand why everyone is saying this is a remake!

Its a complete new map with a part of the D. Nukem cinema in it.

And if you'd had read the readme you'd seen that this is a Team Arena Map and should be installed in the missionpack folder ;)

So, i guess you didnt read the worthknowing,too and dont even know about how to play this map...

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