Heavy Metal Town
by Ekat

This map was planned and realised by Ekat
www.ekatincoopera.tk <www.ekatincoopera.tk>
Contact: **email removed** <mailto:**email removed**>

I´m not sure anymore from where are all these downloaded textures...so
thanks to:
-Yves Allaire aka "evil lair" (hfx.submersion.com
-M. Kupfer "Dangerzone" (www.dangerzone.de.st <www.dangerzone.de.st>)
-Graphtallica (graphtallica.ingava.com <graphtallica.ingava.com>)
-The Max Payne Texturers
-The Duke Nukem 3d Texturers
(Note: I didn´t rip those, they were donloaded from a free site in the
-Exotherm Advertisement poster is a community product of André Gaul,
Christian Pirch and myself (www.exotherm.de <www.exotherm.de>)
-and all that i might have forgotten (in this disorder ;D )
...all other texes are done by me and if you want to use them, please
give me Credits ;)

I´m not sure here, too.. but all not Q3 Sounds came from anywhere in the
internet ;)

Van Halen Gitarre, by QKennyQ(www.planetquake.com/qkennyq//)
(Thanks for that again!!!)
Trees at the cinema by Grim Reaper (www.q3seek.com/hiredforce/)

If you have Team Arena:
Extract the "HMT.Pk3" file in your "Quake3/missionpack" folder

If not:
Extract the "HMT.Pk3" file in your "Quake3/baseq3" folder
(Attention: If you install it this way, there will be no Team Arena
Weapons and Holdables!!!)

Bot Support: Bots are supportet completely! But Attention: This map
needs much Graphikmemory, so if your memory is low "Force Player Model"
will be activated and all players have the same model!
Secrets: there's a whole lot of ;)
Even take a look at the "worthknowing" file!
Buildingtime: It took me over one Year (!) to do this map.
all in all i restarted building the map up to 5 times after testing and
throwing away the nearly ready maps because i wanted "hmt" to be
something special and i hope i succeeded doing this ;D
Compilingtime: ca. 4Hrs. on a AMD 1500+ with 512MB RAM
Known Bugs: "Only" the requierd high graphikmemory and a little missing
bot intelligence in the Müllkauf Stairwell

Special thanks go to:
-Id Software <www.idsoftware.com> and the Radiant
<www.qeradiant.com> people, without you this would´nt be possible ;)
-Dangerzone <mitglied.lycos.de/q3mapper/>, for the really good
Tutorials (without those that would'nt be possible, too i think ;)) )
-Kalli <www.kallicompany.web100.de> for the help on various
errormessages, other comlications and Betatesting
-all the Texturpack makers and providers out there, without you this
would look pretty boring ;)
-same goes for the soundeffects
-to GT Interactive and 3D Realms <www.3drealms.com> for the
-The people from Exotherm <www.exotherm.de> and Little
Helloweenie <www.helloweenie.de/> for the link exchange - Stay
-Johannes <www.laudis.de> and Georg Laudenberg
<www.exotherm.org> for the ICQ Online Help and for designing the
-Warsteiner <www.Warsteiner.de>, Krombacher
<www.Krombacher.de>, Veltins <www.Veltins.de> and Snakenet
Metalradio <www.snakenetmetalr...com/default.asp>, for the fun
on my PC wich i surely would have lost without you!
-Göbel, for the "Finish the map!" Asskicks and the fastcompiling without
those i would have finished the map in 30 years ;)
-the Pizza Point Crew from the opposide of the street, for the greatest
Pizza in the World and the cooperation when shooting the Textures
-the people of the Planetquake.de <www.planetquake.de> and
quake3world.com <www.quake3world.com> Editing Forum for their help
-QkennyQ <www.planetquake.com/qkennyq//> for his constructive
criticism and that horny guitar model!!

You are forbidden to edit and release the map under another name.
But you are allowed to use all Textures if you give me credits
*Copyright © 2002 Ekat Incoopera*