Q3W Newbiecomp
Q3W Newbiecomp by Various
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#5   06 Jan 2012
Very cool space map!
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Mysterio unregistered
#4   15 May 2003
man,that curved jump pad and those flame fx are dang good for a first try!i cant stop playing it even though i use elite force to play it (elite force runs on the same engine so elite force maps can be played on quake 3 and quake 3 maps on elite force :) )
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SKS.45 unregistered
#3   25 Sep 2002
Unbelievable!!! Amazing for a first map!!! I can't stop playing Scorpion!!!


I vote a perfect 10!!!

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Terminal unregistered
#2   25 Sep 2002
I received so many submissions for this competition, that picking only three was extremely difficult. I want to thank everyone who took the time and effort to build submissions for this competition, and though your maps didn't appear in the package, don't let it discourage you from breaking into the mapping scene.

As the name suggests, this competition was for mappers who had never released a Q3A map before. Cardigan has surpassed all expectations. I look forward to seeing more work from all three of these authors in the future.

REMEMBER: Negative criticism makes better maps

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Bill Brooks unregistered
#1   22 Sep 2002
This map is very cool.

And for a first map its just too damn good.

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