Eternal Blue V.1.0
Eternal Blue V.1.0 by LordSquart
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FragTastic Rep. 2297
#5   23 Jan 2012
Excellent Texturing! 10/10.
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AEon Rep. 760
#4   25 Aug 2009
I like the design and the clean texturing, and the view ports (also called windows), in the upper level areas.

Alas, whereas the lower level arena is very flat and actually too large, the upper level corridors are simply too narrow and cramped. It is not really much fun constantly ramping up the edges of the "tubes". Keeping the design, but re-doing the upper level corridors (make the ceilings higher, and the paths wider), and maybe rethink some of the pathing, would make this a really good map, IMO.

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LordSquart unregistered
#3   22 Sep 2002
thanks guyz for support.. it isnt my best map i have worked on this just 2weeks to submit it to the geo coop2 ... it was hard to create a map in 2 weeks free of bugs and problems..

thanks again

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Adib unregistered
#2   21 Sep 2002
I think Tigs was too hard is his criticism. This level worths the download, the gameplay is nice and it's good-looking in its blueness. The navigation over the suspended parts evokes one of the Quake2 DM levels.

I don't think it's the authors masterpiece, but this is a good level.

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Salinga unregistered
#1   21 Sep 2002
This map is Q32EF compatible (<a href="" Target="_BLANK"></a>), so it can be played with "ST: Voyager - Elite Force".
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