spielplatz by eNFlamed
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6324
#1   23 Jun 2009
This is a real meat and three veg tourney. nothing fancy in the looks department but gameplay and item placement is solid even if tracking down a showdown can sometimes be slow going. the bouncepads to the upper level are easy enough to guard but the lightning gun, grenade launcher and railgun supply enough power from down below. gutters of slime on the lowest level take the edge off the grenades. i like the placement of the ammo clips for rg & lg, perched on an exposed ledge on the middle level. these clips are highly desirable items to pick up during a game but do not come without risk so choosing the right moment to pick them up becomes one of the key elements to game play. i have played some very absorbing and nerve wracking matches on this map.
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