Neotech by Mr.LyCon
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FragTastic Rep. 2353
#13   24 Feb 2012
It's actually not bad at all.
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AEon Rep. 780
#12   25 Aug 2009
Hmm... another map where the creativity of the author outdid the size of the map, plus extreme shader overkill in some areas. If the corridors where sized up, the map made at least 50% larger (room-wise) spreading out the architecture more, the map would probably have been a lot better, IMO. Presently it is way too cramped, and the bots have serious issues with several areas (e.g. one JP keeps confusing them), a shame really, because the design is interesting.
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Kiiro Karnage unregistered
#11   13 Jun 2008
Just from the screenshot, I do not like the look of this map. No download for me.
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bob unregistered
#10   06 Oct 2002
why is this definite download, its ok but damn!... i was expecting something spectacular,pshhhhhhh
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pushplay unregistered
#9   26 Sep 2002
I think that "weapon spawn" texture alone is worth the price of admission. :)
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syabha unregistered
#8   22 Sep 2002
I enjoy this map!
It looks very ok...
wpn. spawns :)
To small for big guns.
Try it rail only!


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Wortex28 unregistered
#7   21 Sep 2002
heheh the blinking stuff is not cool ;) well not good gamplay and not goot at all...

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krekits unregistered
#6   20 Sep 2002
Didn't like it either, and it is definitely not a keeper nor a must have map. Good looks, but that's not all; gameplay means a lot as well.
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decay unregistered
#5   19 Sep 2002
I don’t like this level. Few shiny details, few cute brushes that is all. NO gameplay … enough sad

Note to author … for tips in gameplay take a look at Charons level called “Inextremis”. It’s one of the best small 1on1 hunting levels of all time.

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Damager unregistered
#4   18 Sep 2002
Yeah viper, this I know, but it is in the reviewers opinion 'intense' and what is a review if it isn't the reviewers opinion. Just because Tigs opinion differs, doesn't mean that makes bizkits wrong. People make a judgement about whether to download the map, ive downloaded plenty that Tigs thought were great that i've thought were pitiful. So nuff correcting opinions 'tutor/schoolboy style' :P
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StormShadow unregistered
#3   18 Sep 2002
Great looking map, but it really is quite tiny. Fast paced action, but not big enough to make a competetive 1v1 map.

Fun tho! 7/10

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wviperw unregistered
#2   18 Sep 2002
it has nothing to do w/ personal relations w/ a reviewer. Tig is right. Sure the map looks fantastic, but it plays about as well as q3dm1. By no means does the map's layout provide for some 'intense action' like the reviewer states.
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Damager unregistered
#1   18 Sep 2002
Something tells me tigs doesnt like bizkit much from his constant 'corrections' of reviews.
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