by BUN
Purgatory by BUN
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Fredo unregistered
#7   17 Jun 2010
Where is the secret?
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SW12 unregistered
#6   12 Apr 2010
I don't like this map. like one of the same old gothics. To me It's not fun at all. Didn't last too long on the Hard drive.
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C unregistered
#5   03 Oct 2002
Great map bun. yowser . very fun to play. keep up the goof work
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*papri-K* unregistered
#4   30 Sep 2002
hmm Im downloading, but putting the quad into an open map for duel...wont work imho.
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Tim unregistered
#3   28 Sep 2002
Level worked just fine for me. great map!
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Brian unregistered
#2   28 Sep 2002
hmmm, seems to be missing some files. Q3A won't let me play the level. I did notice that it was missing the .arena file. could this be the cause?
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+JuggerNaut+ unregistered
#1   26 Sep 2002
fun map for Instagib or Clan Arena. looking forward to your next map Bun!
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