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Victimized by Kit Carson
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 2454
#8   21 Aug 2008
sinister gothic done with some real class. i don't know why i have been holding off on this one because everything is finely tuned. best teleporters ever. wherever you spawn from on this map the first thing you'll notice is that you will have to work hard to stock up. nothing has been made easy - every item is in one way or another set in an awkward/vulnerable spot. if anything could be tweaked it would be the rail gun. it is set up top overlooking the entrance to the megahealth. it is exposed and teleporters allow for a surprise appearance from a bottom player up here but whoever spawns closest to it will be able to pick it up quickly enough and move on. Controlling this spot becomes decisive in the game. replacing it with a grenade launcher would have been a better choice.
Edited: 31 Aug 2008 AEST
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Annie Cohn unregistered
#7   30 Oct 2002
This map is a lot of fun to play. It is beautiful as the reviewer Daniel provides. Wow. The structure and layout of the arena, show the mapper ahead of many with this map. It is advanced conceptually. Pity this is the final map from Kit Carson. I feel, how shall i say, Victimized. Indeed how appropriate. ... =)

Even down to the name, Kit has a sense of humor to go with this gem of a map. Such good humor indicates a certain mastery. This arena in all of its complexity, is given a fitting name, like the cinching of a knot on the shoe. Simply put, it is a stroke of genius.

10 all the way.

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*papri-K* unregistered
#6   07 Sep 2002
this is a very very good map. It has tons of small ledges you can use to make a cool jump and get an item. The verticality of the map is also lovely. A must have.

Kit Carson improved a ton his gameplay mapping. The looks were always perfect in his maps.

10 from me. really.

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*papri-K* unregistered
#5   04 Sep 2002
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Kell unregistered
#4   03 Sep 2002
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Lee unregistered
#3   30 Aug 2002
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wviperw unregistered
#2   29 Aug 2002

(btw, nice map :))

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Kit Carson unregistered
#1   29 Aug 2002
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