Swiss Cheese Trickster
Swiss Cheese Trickster by Q-Fraggel
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raspatan Rep. 4259
#57   10 Oct 2020
So many good comments for this one. Perhaps that rose my expectations too much. It is visually amazing, that is for sure. The detail about exploding barrels was fun too. The secret... well. A flight power/up? Really?
Anyway, gameplay was ok, but far from being absorbing. Maybe it was one of the best mid 2002 but many things happened after that (for instance, Estatica by Cardigan. Now that is an insanely addictive map imo!).
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CZghost Rep. 1581
#56   27 Sep 2013
It's very original
I don't know cityy... It reminds me default map Brimstone Abbey from quake 3 in the layout...
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kokoa Rep. 139
#55   26 Sep 2013
The architectural design is what caught my attention; after the colour scheme of course. And the connectivity between the rooms. This is what I like most of this map.
The texturing is top-notch, creating a peaceful atmosphere, easy on the eyes. I think is the colours... and the lights. A gradient between grey and light brown with some green.

The powerups are very well placed in my opinion. But the flight-powerup doesn't last long and I didn't find any useful aplicaction for it. Maybe there is, but I didn't find it.
It seems like the bots play fairly well, which is good.

It worked perfectly on my OpenArena 0.8.8-5, btw.

An excellent map of great quality. I love it.

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FragTastic Rep. 2251
#54   05 Jan 2012
Brilliant map with Instagib! :).
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Dave Rep. 43
#53   16 Dec 2011
PERFECT !!!!!!!!!!
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Takkie Rep. 1708
#52   06 Dec 2011
The personal teleporter leads to a spot i thought was a bit funny...
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gooball Rep. 1021
#51   05 Dec 2011
Secrets (That I have found):

1. Shoot a grenade into the PT chamber to explode the barrels, destroying the wall.
2. Tig metioned it below.
3. In the top right of the 4th screenshot, shoot the barrel that is on top of that big platform thing.

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Tig Rep. 1234
#50   01 Dec 2011
Look for some creates stacked in an area near a doorway. You can jump up on these, then over and behind the creates. You can then go exploring :]
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Iván unregistered
#49   01 Dec 2011
Where is the secret?
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 5552
#48   08 Aug 2011
full marks for level design and creativity but where it suffers for me is in playability. The smallness in size and connectivity between the 4 areas both at the top and bottom make it architecturally perfectly suited for tourney but this is spoiled by the item selection and novelty. Conversely, the items and gimmicks are perfectly suited for a fun ffa but it suffers in terms of playability due to its tourney-like design. All the important jumps in both vq3 and cpm are all achievable without the haste, and because the level is so small the haste seems rather pointless. Likewise the flight, but at least it has some potential for a sweep of all the upper items on the map (mh, ya, even rg, haste and ra) if you can hang onto it that long. This is what I mean when I say the level suffers from being too gimmicky. Quad and invisibility would have been much more useful. And the exploding drums: well it would have been great if you could move them by walking up to them so they could be strategically repositioned. As a TDM it works much better: the item placement is more thoughtful and could have been used for ffa as well. I like the flight area has been blocked off, and with some further tweaking of item placement and the architecture in the accelerator pad area this could have made for a wonderful tourney too. No more than 4 players works for me in FFA but the FFA format doesn't really work for me at all. 2v2 or even 3v3 TDM recommended.
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SW12 unregistered
#47   01 Jul 2010
Ho-hey this map is cool. I keep it only for the Barrels O' fun! I am still trying to get Generations arena to work.
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Jones Bones unregistered
#46   05 Nov 2009
New things are about to come, because "Q-Fraggel" is doing a new map for Q3A:
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AEon Rep. 700
#45   26 Aug 2009
Uncanny sense of foreboding of what Doom III then became. The very stylish textures and the attention to detail all over the map, plus the interesting architecture really make this map stand out.
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Cityy unregistered
#44   02 Jan 2009
Thank you for this great map!
It's very original & still a must have map.
I like the details and the lightning which gives the map a very awesome feeling!

I'm waiting for your come back (;

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keres unregistered
#43   30 Dec 2008
i love this map!
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nOmad unregistered
#42   12 Dec 2007
yea indeed its just hard to believe taht this map was made in 2002 impressive
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v1l3 Rep. 925
#41   19 Nov 2005
This has ALWAYS been my favorite map ever made. Especially when you finally find the last secret in the map three years later from it's release. GONNAKILLYA! called it map of the year when it was released......I call it the perfection of the art of Q3A mapping. That's what comes from a promode mapper=>
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Shreek unregistered
#40   06 Nov 2004
This is possibly one of the best FFA maps I've ever played. Unbelievable layout here.
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texasriffraff unregistered
#39   04 Nov 2004
Nice one. Thanx1
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Lukin unregistered
#38   24 Jan 2004
The best ffa level ever? Probably yes.
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Gage Belcher unregistered
#37   25 Oct 2003
THis better be cool
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babykitkat unregistered
#36   15 Jun 2003
WOW What a Map!!!!!!
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-*DMF*-ORANGE9mm unregistered
#35   29 May 2003
Very nice and well thought out map. I like the use of the tricky jumps and pads. You're missing out if you don't dl this one now!
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Poopy unregistered
#34   17 Jan 2003
Definately gets an A+ on my map rating scale! I can't think of another map for Q3A where I've had so much fun. Definately a keeper.
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VanZeR** unregistered
#33   23 Dec 2002
this map looks better than a naked hottie
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aspi unregistered
#32   18 Aug 2002
OMFG, after the first map i thought i would never see such a damn good playable map again.. I was wrong.. This map is teh ownage....
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ForM unregistered
#31   17 Aug 2002
Gade A, top notch map.

Very playable. Excelent work on the no clips and details.

First time I seen the color scheme but it is absoluty gorgious without droping frame rates.

Tricking aspect was well done.

I have already worked up a decent run.

This map is a keeper. Hope to see it used on the servers.

9 of 10

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OverKill unregistered
#30   11 Aug 2002
Hmmm my spelling is good NOT lol
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OverKill unregistered
#29   09 Aug 2002
simply amazing when you first load this map , you wont leave your seat 4 awhile, the work that has gone into this map is awesome game play is smooth as buts play well they do get stuch up at the mega health lol an easy frag 4 you :), well done Q-Fraggel a master peace......:)
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Powzer unregistered
#28   05 Aug 2002
Flow is great, nice use of T&L, Excellent job!
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Shagz unregistered
#27   04 Aug 2002
Oh wow! Thanks for the tip on the Teleporter secret Cha0s!! Fraggle - I'm even more impressed! <thumb's up> x2
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MopAn unregistered
#26   03 Aug 2002
Hi Q-Fraggel, nice map. I don't like dm but this one is cool. Especially the texturing and with that detail brushwork. This map is worth every positive aspect posted here!!

I've heard you posted at (LE forum) time ago, would be nice to see you there again, many mappers would be proud to share your experiences there!

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johnboy unregistered
#25   02 Aug 2002
this is an excellent map. the textures are great. the gameplay is good. brushwork and detail are also great. we play this map at least once a day on my server and it still amazes me. i just wanna know one thing. HOW DID YOU DO THE EXPLODING BARRELS??? i give it a 10.
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-cha0s- unregistered
#24   02 Aug 2002
try the grenade launcher for the teleporter ;)
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Shagz unregistered
#23   02 Aug 2002
Wicked map, especially the 'water slide'. I found one of the secrets last night, but was disappointed that it only lead to the flight powerup, which in this level seems a little silly. (Anybody of the other opinion?) Maybe the power suit or quake might have been better. And the delay on the barrel explosions seems a little too long to be of much use in game, would like to see that sped up.

But the sound cues and animations (I love the "trip wire" at the power suit that opens the door) and so many other things make this an excellent, well put together map. I still haven't figured out how to get the teleporter! I love having secrets like that in a map.

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HappyFragger unregistered
#22   01 Aug 2002
One of the coolest custom made maps I have seen! And normally I think the quality of custom maps is not that high, but this one roxx! U rule!
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Grudge unregistered
#21   01 Aug 2002
Absolutely the one of the best FFA maps ever. Just luuve those exploding barrels. Looks good and plays good.

9/10 from me.

// Grudge

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GuitarMan unregistered
#20   31 Jul 2002
Heh, it's me again...

Sorry, I couldn't see the skybox because I was playing the map in a friend's computer who has the high quality sky turned off. Now I've downloaded it at home and can see it.

This map plays very well in my 3 year-old computer with a 2 year-old graphics card.

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rokscott unregistered
#19   30 Jul 2002
Stunning bit O mappery!!

10 outa 10

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[Acid] unregistered
#18   30 Jul 2002
first.. impressive map. nice gfx style, looks stylish. connectivity is also great, i lost myself a few times ;)

the barrels are also quite cool. first wondered how this worked..

well one aspect that bothered me was, that there is a wall/ceiling not clipped, or is it intended? i don't know. there's a good camping spot above the rl, reached by the 2 stairs beside it. hey i'm not a camper, eh.

here's a pic, just to show:

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Q-Fraggel unregistered
#17   30 Jul 2002
Thanks for the nice comments :) I'm really happy you enjoy the map. That's about the best part for me, knowing the work was worth it :)

@GuitarMan: There is a skybox, just disable fastsky ;)

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GuitarMan unregistered
#16   30 Jul 2002
Great map, detail level is amazing; would be perfect with a skybox or a sky texture instead of the black sky.

A 9 from me.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#15   30 Jul 2002
Yep, I did the review.
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StormShadow unregistered
#14   30 Jul 2002
If the review doesnt have a name on it, its done by tigger (as is my understanding)
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amethyst7 unregistered
#13   30 Jul 2002
One of the best maps i've ever played. Totally amazing on so many levels. Excellent work.
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Akuma unregistered
#12   30 Jul 2002
Nice, not bad at all. Not so sure if the gameplay would be much good on such a detailed map, I'd probably never see my opponents :/
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*papri-K* unregistered
#11   30 Jul 2002
who did review this map? Tig?
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ButterB unregistered
#10   29 Jul 2002
This is one of the best maps I have played in a VERY long time. The visuals are amazing and the gameplay to boot. The overall feel is supurb. This is one great map, by one talented author.
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StormShadow unregistered
#9   29 Jul 2002
took this map about 5 minutes to get reviewed,, lol

But seriously, one of the best maps ive played in a loooooong time (including my own!). Grab it NOW or regret it later.

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Mikey unregistered
#8   29 Jul 2002
One of the best maps ever made for Q3....
A masterpiece from top to bottom
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SFNative unregistered
#7   29 Jul 2002
I picked this map up on Friday and have been playing it almost non-stop.

Some may find it too busy but I think this map shows more imagination that just about anything I've seen.

An absolute must have!

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nitin unregistered
#6   29 Jul 2002
the best ffa map this year.
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-cha0s- unregistered
#5   29 Jul 2002
i've been waiting for this map since a really long time, but it was just worth the wait. this map kicks ass :]
great brushwork, great textures and nice secrets and gimmicks. (also if the exploding barrels could have been done better :P) this is one of the best q3 maps i've seen.

schade, q-fraggel, dass du schon vor langer zeit aus dem forum verschwunden bist.
vileicht se'mer uns ja in doom3 wieder :]

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#4   29 Jul 2002
It's the kind of map you would be proud of to take home and meet your Mum :]

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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#3   29 Jul 2002
BTW...that score of 10 was from me. :-)
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#2   29 Jul 2002
Absolute top notch. Details out de ass, smooth gameplay and flawless construction.

Map of the year IMHO.

Great work Q-Fraggel.

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Sim Gishel unregistered
#1   29 Jul 2002
Wow. This map is very impressive. The water slide type thing is cool too. It has a lot of detail and a general feel to it that the author has invested lots and lots of time and attention.


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