The Reactor
The Reactor by Willennium
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Jim unregistered
#2   27 Feb 2000
Not much of a map, too small for one thing. But the first thing I noticed is the dizzying speed the sky was moving at. Texture choice was a bit odd, especially the gold floors and the same block texture on the walls and ceiling of the 2nd level. Also, the walls are noticeably thin (just makes the architecture feel odd) on the 2nd level as noticed by looking at the edges of the windows. The bg sounds used were a bit annoying, and didn't appear to be connected with any visuals on the map. And speaking of visuals, I guess the zeppelin is probably the best part. And what is that blue column of light all about at the center? When I went thru it I figured it was a regen chamber like in DM10...

I think I'll be reclaiming the disk space from this one.

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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#1   26 Feb 2000
Ok, I haven't played the original, but this map is weak! To be honest I only downloaded it because of the zepplin, and then I found out it doesn't move or do anything! :(... Yeah the glass walls are kind of cool, but the gameplay bites the big one. doh!
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