The Killer Rig
The Killer Rig by Armageddon
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Mark unregistered
#9   13 Jul 2008
You will be stuck behind the 8 ball if you spawn on the lowest part of the map as there is no armour and no weapons. I couldnt find any teleporters and i played this game twice. If you want to prevent BFG domination you will need to take players out on the way th RL and armour. Haste doesnt really come into play on this map. it resides above the RG so is not easy to get from below. With Regen and Quad above YA and RL this is by far the preferred choice. I suspect teenage boys hoping to lord it over their mates really enjoyed this map and i will explain why... Get RL. Rocket bounce from lowest pad to BFG - what! you are also rewarded with MH and RA and BFG ammoclip for your troubles. Drop down to Regen, strafe or Rocket Jump to Quad. Quad rocket jump to haste. Domination!!! Not fun for anyone else. Feel free to gang up on this player but with a combo like this there will be too many casualties. Plays just like a teenage boy - not much skill and alot of bravado. Load it with alot of bots on i can win skill... you'll look like a hero
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RRROOOAAARRR unregistered
#8   16 Aug 2000
Woah - total carnage! With 4 bots this was an utter fragfest, though that's no bad thing, right? Non-stop action, so even if the layout isn't the prettiest thing in the world, what the hell? Load it up and blaze away. Just make damn sure you grab the Teleport, you'll need it - I got knocked off SO many times!


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Trunks unregistered
#7   29 Feb 2000
This map makes a great insta gib one vs one level. I play this map for hours with my friend. Nice job.
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blod unregistered
#6   25 Feb 2000
Area with RG and RA totally dominates the level. I'd like to see better item placement!
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Timothy 11 Black unregistered
#5   25 Feb 2000
Well out of the swarm of space maps today I would have to say this the coolest one to play.....what's up w/ all the swarm of 'em anyway?Most space maps suck and get boring!Why hasn't anyone used interior textures on space maps to change the norm???
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#4   25 Feb 2000
Sorry bout that man. It wasn't my site, just something i had found. Did you check them yet, by the way... maybe you could post a link on your site?

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AssBall unregistered
#3   24 Feb 2000
I didn't like this map because it was difficult to get around in. It lacked flow. It doesn't look good or play very well either.
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Octovus unregistered
#2   24 Feb 2000
Oh yah, 8 outa 10. =)
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Octovus unregistered
#1   24 Feb 2000
Hello, me again. Just dloaded the space map pack, I'm commenting on this one first cos it's getting the nicest review. I like the feel.... same old textures but it feels right here. Kinda a space-map with a Gothic layout, and from me that's no insult... felt like a space-station or something rather than just another bunch of platforms in space. Great job!

Happy fraggin! Octovus

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