A Shorter Yard
by Gila
A Shorter Yard by Gila
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RRROOOAAARRR unregistered
#10   14 Aug 2000
RG camping is a bit too easy, but still this doesn't suck. I'd say... not essential, even if you are a space map fan, but if you want a decent-sized collection of space maps, this is a safe choice that won't be a poor relation to some of the others!

The RRROOOAAARRR verdict: 7/10

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Leviathen unregistered
#9   24 Mar 2000
I found this waaaaaaay too campy. An update with no railgun would be beter I think.
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Crudeseal1@aol.com unregistered
#8   25 Feb 2000
Hey Viagra, don't you have anything intelligent to say... YET???

Oh, by the way

I Own joo.

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Viagra unregistered
#7   25 Feb 2000
This map 0wnZ j00.
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Gila unregistered
#6   25 Feb 2000
(yes I am Gila) Bots don't play this map very well. Railing - Well, if you will play one-on-one match, I found it difficult so you can't rail the man behind those pillars :( forgot to make them "un-blocking" things... It was my first expierence with Q3Radiant and I like that some people at least liked the map. Of course it's not the best. The best maps are by Ztn, Ikka Kerranen and some other outstanding persons. Thanks for the support.
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Timothy 11 BlacK unregistered
#5   25 Feb 2000
I hated this map because I was getting fragged oh so easily as I tried to traverse up the smartest made ramps in quake history,being 66ยค too steep and long and all!!
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Octovus:forgot something unregistered
#4   24 Feb 2000
I meant to say that the rl/rg placement swap would make the platforms MUCH less conducive to constant camping...
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Octovus unregistered
#3   24 Feb 2000
Yep, it's okay, I think Tig was bang on in his review... bots played pretty well, I like the bounce pads to the red-armor... to go against what everyone else has said, the rl felt a little wrong, maybe swap its placement with the rgs. Also the lowest centre platform becomes totally disused in my experience. It gotta 4 outa 10.

Happy fraggin! Octovus

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teaser unregistered
#2   24 Feb 2000

Big map with a RL in the middle.

Looks good.

Its not to superfun to play, but it have some good times once in a while.

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Crudeseal1@aol.com unregistered
#1   24 Feb 2000
Now this is different! Wow, what an idea. It works pretty well too. The rocketlauncher in the middle of the whole deal seems to be the main point of attraction, major fragfest there, just launch a few in the center and you nuke 2 or 3 bots at a time. And they never use the highest platform, so it is too easy to pick them off with the rail (or whatever else). Would probably be excellent for online play.

I just hate running out of ammo, only to be shot in the back from above while running up a platform. Nice hang time though.

Now lets see some new textures for all these space maps. I'm getting pretty tired of all the gray everywhere. 7

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