The Killer Rig

title: The Killer Rig
map name: tddm1
file: tddm1.pk3
author: Armageddon
email: **email removed**
created: January 9, 2000


Extract the file tddm1.pk3 to Quake III's baseq3 folder.
Run Quake III and type "\map tddm1" at the console.


game type: Free For All, Tournament.
players: 2-6.
weapons: Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Rail Gun, BFG.
power ups: Quad Damage, Regeneration, Haste.
items: Personal Teleporters.
bot support: Yes.

The Killer Rig is a Quake III deathmatch level that vaguely
resembles an oil rig floating in the deep sea of space. I've tried
to do a few things to help balance gameplay a bit. For example,
you need to do a rocket jump to get each of the power-ups and a
rocket bounce to get the BFG. I've also added two personal
teleporters to give you a chance of saving yourself if you happen
to fall into the void. The level is fairly small so you're always
close to the action - but things can get really hectic with 6 or
more players. :) Enjoy.

Thanks to Mithrander, Fishmon and Defiler for all their help.

Copyright (c) 2000 True Dimensions. All rights reserved.

You may freely distribute the file tddm1.pk3 via any means
possible, provided you include this file, tddm1.txt, and make no
modifications to either tddm1.pk3 or tddm1.txt.