La Bastille
by Sock
La Bastille by Sock
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FragTastic Rep. 2307
#12   12 Jan 2012
Brilliant CTF Map!. 10/10.
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Magicboy unregistered
#11   12 May 2003
What can I say it's good in every way.The best CTF map I ever played.10
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meow unregistered
#10   23 Aug 2002
brilliant map that knocks the socks off the others. It has everything - r_speeds that make u nervous, brushwork that is delicious and item placement that is perfection. All in all it gets 10 from me - how do u do it sock! ;)
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Electro unregistered
#9   18 Jul 2002
wd sock :)
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sock unregistered
#8   14 Jul 2002
papri-K: thks for your kind words.

Gonnakillya: Yeah its different to what I imagined. Been busy working on RTCW stuff and loads of fun with scripting. :P

This map is my last serious Q3 release as I don't have the time to spare anymore.

3D Brush Monkey

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*papri-K* unregistered
#7   14 Jul 2002
This is one of the best things I've downloaded in the past few months (and I'm counting mp3's :). As nitin said, ". I was amazed at the framerates given the awesome look."

Start your downloads people. This map is "better than id" quality.

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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#6   13 Jul 2002
One of my favorite mappers comes up with more
excellent work. I wasn't sure what you've been up to lately but I see it's been good.

Love the details and item placement....everything seems to be in a logical place.

Well done.

How's things as a "pro" designer? I knew you'd find work without having to move to the US.


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sock unregistered
#5   13 Jul 2002
Thanks everyone for the kind words and feedback. This was a hard map to make simply because it was a remake and people would be comparing it to the original closely.

It took many months to make and caused me loads of frustration with the compiler due to it being too complex. It was my first attempt at CTF and possibly suffered because of that. Should have made something a bit smaller first.


3D Brush Monkey

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nitin unregistered
#4   12 Jul 2002
this was probably the best map in the latest threewave release. I was amazed at the framerates given the awesome look.
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Auhsan unregistered
#3   12 Jul 2002
very solid map... good work there as always...
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wviperw unregistered
#2   12 Jul 2002
Yet another incredibly solid and proffessional map from sock. Nice one!
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nakedape unregistered
#1   12 Jul 2002
Threewave players will recognize this map from the 1.5 update as "q3wcp21". This is an excellent map from Sock, and is now available in this standalone download for everyone who hasn't yet grabbed the Threewave CTF mod in its entirety.

Intricate brushwork and architecture are enhanced by Sock's meticulous texture usage. You won't find any haphazard textures slapped onto faces, no sir! Things make sense in Sock's map, right down to the individual brush triangles. It's this level of detail that makes me a Sock fan and keeps me coming back for more!

Great job!

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