La Bastille
by Sock
La Bastille by Sock

A medium sized, easy to learn CTF map based on a frozen rock/prison atmosphere... a place carved from oppressive mountains and bottomless chasm's. The basic layout is modeled after Q3DM3 however the layout has been massaged enough that you won't really be distracted by the similarities. This is a top-notch effort. The brush work is outstanding and the r_speeds are excellent averaging around 3000 in most views making it quick and playable on most systems. Game play is very good and in some ways is better than it's mentor. This is especially true of the center area which is much larger than the original. Additionally, it's a little more difficult to camp at the flag which is also a plus. My only complaint about the map (and it's a small one) is the red and blue textures get a little monotonous. A little more variety might have been nice. Weapon and item choice/placement is good overall. Bots play ok but they take the same route every time when they've captured the flag which makes defense very easy.

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Reviewed by PeaceFrog

Tigs Notes: This is one damn fine map, grab it!

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (56 votes)

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