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St3v3n's Arena by St3v3n
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Kell unregistered
#7   05 Jul 2002
Hey, what happened with fixing the pk3? If I'd known you'd submitted a new one I'd have given the map a much better review :)

I've been playing it a lot gainst bots. Going to challenge my l33t mate to a tourney on this at the next LAN too.

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St3v3n unregistered
#6   29 Jun 2002
You must be a cheater if you found that. But yeah its me =D
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GiBsTa unregistered
#5   29 Jun 2002
This map is soooooo GOOD!!!!!

(Is the secret you St3v3n? ) >8o)

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GinGo unregistered
#4   29 Jun 2002
This maps roxorz

(nice little secert =] )

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St3v3n unregistered
#3   27 Jun 2002
whats with the fatness ???

any ways glad you like it

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not entered unregistered
#2   26 Jun 2002
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Andeh unregistered
#1   26 Jun 2002
Nice 1 fatness. Its a really cool map to play your m8's on. You should give it a go. Hope ya get some more maps on Stevie :D
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