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Cute Hampsters Association by cavefish
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AEon Rep. 770
#13   21 Sep 2009
Cramped, "very vertical", frantic, and Quake-2-ish. Not really that much fun against bots playing FFA, but could be quite tactical against a real player in tourney. To me the map might have been scaled up by a factor of two, just to give the player more space to move.
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Fates Warning unregistered
#12   30 Nov 2003
Thought it might be a little "cramped"...but after a while, when I learned to go around and about the map...sunny times!
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Bomple unregistered
#11   07 Aug 2002
omg i LOVE this map...

at first i didn't like it at all because i bumped my head on the jumppads all the time, but when i learned my way around the map i coulds't stop playing... (neither could my buddy, we played 1on1 for about 3 hours)

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Syabha unregistered
#10   30 Jun 2002
These little maps

in the "2^10u map contest"

give some very nice

rail only action...

This map is no exception

indeed 'easy on the eyes'

and not very experimental

But it works for railors...

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krekits unregistered
#9   29 Jun 2002
I agree, reviewer should have mentioned that the map was designed for the 2^10 contest. With that in mind it's a great map. Needs clipping and JP's are a bit annoying for being smaller than usual; it's easy to miss them when jumping.
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-cha0s- unregistered
#8   28 Jun 2002
actually the name of the contest was "2^10u map contest" :D

<a href="" Target="_BLANK"></a>/

and yep, octovus, this map won the first price. (but is was really hard to decide ..)

i'm still waiting for the review of the hole pack (13maps) :)

again: congratz cave :)

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Octovus unregistered
#7   28 Jun 2002
Well...this was one of the three I downloaded to review, but Tig told me it was already done. Sounds like I missed the best one!
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p4ngo unregistered
#6   28 Jun 2002
the note, that this map was from the 1024u contest should have been displayed in this review here again.
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wviperw unregistered
#5   27 Jun 2002
oh, sorry I didn't know it was made for the 1024u contest. That does indeed make a difference. Guess reviewers should read the readme files...

Don't use the excuse that you had heavy stress and it was your first map though. Doesn't work. :)

Xu: It means the bots play really stupidly in the level so you would be better off playing real human beings.

Oh, and who's the loser who voted the map a zero?

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XuXuXu unregistered
#4   27 Jun 2002
What does the review... bots not reccomended mean?
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cavefish unregistered
#3   26 Jun 2002
Yeah, thanks for the comments...

Yeah, I know that this map could have been better with some botclips and testing... But if you read the readme, you can see that I did most of the map under heavy stress...

I hope everyone knows that this map had to be within 1024x1024x1024x limits - that was the contest´s special rule.

I also don´t really like any parts of the maps, but I think the reviewer really should have said that the map has a 1024 unit limt...

For the bots, this is my first real Q3 first map ever, because I never released one for Q2 thanks to this crappy Qoole. I still need to read some tuts on this...

But again, thanks for playing my map =)


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wviperw unregistered
#2   26 Jun 2002
Yes, awesome title. Unfortunately, that is the best thing about the map. :)

The map actually has a lot going for it--nice connected layout, pretty good item placement, and a pretty solid theme.

But there's a lot of flaws which keep it from being really good. First of and foremost is the scale issue. The map seems to change in scale from one area to another. But there are many areas which are too tight, meaning you can't freely move around all that much and you end up knocking up against walls and ceilings all the time.

Next up is the bots. As the reviewer said, the bots aren't good at all. I played 1v1 against NM Doom in CPMA and he constantly was bouncing up and down on jumppads hitting his head. Also, he was almost always on the bottom level.

Then there was the jumppads. Not only were many of them open, but they also were too tight and had those weird ring things around them. The level would have been much better with some modfication to vertical transport. I would have liked to see some teleporters and possibly a platform or 2.

And then for the aesthetics part: the map was too washed out w/ white lighting. Lighting could use a redo IMO. Also saw a face caulked when it shouldn't have been.

An above average map that could have been a lot better with some testing.

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Scampie unregistered
#1   26 Jun 2002
this map gets a 10 for the awesome title. haven't even played the map or even looked hard at the screenshot... but with a title like that, it has to be complete 0wnage.
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