Cute Hampsters Association
Cute Hampsters Association by cavefish

This is a pretty well put together map; the textures are easy on the eyes and the overall map design is done very well. Weapons and ammo are spread about the map evenly. Only a few flaws within this map, a sniper can dominate the map. There are many different camping spots throughout the map which isn't necessarily bad, however being killed in the same spot over and over can end up being very annoying. Bots don't work, they continue to flock to the very bottom on the map which makes it really easy to pick them off, however a 1v1 with on Hardcore or Nightmare can be enjoyable.

Overall this map can be enjoyable to play so long as there are no campers. Bot play is not recommended.

Reviewed by CarnageHeart

Tigs Notes: The full title for this level is Bill Gates Got Killed In Yokohama By The Australian Intellectual But Cute Hampsters Association. This title is too long for the database, so I used the short one.

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (24 votes)

Download: Cute Hampsters Association by cavefish